Final Total: $660! Thank you! Click here for details!

From August 12-15th I accepted donations for the mothers at Covenant House. Together we bought them strollers!  Click here for details! My fundraiser is over, but if you would like to donate directly to Covenant House, you can do so here.

Thank you to the following people for their donations:

Sarah B: $50
Juliana B: $5
Julianne P: $10
Analecia D: $40
Louise P: $25
Michelle A:$20
Melissa L: $10
Jonathan P: $10
Karen P: $10
Bo M: $25
Kersey C: $20
Robyn M: $20
Jodi K: $40
Ave M: $15
Ulrike B: $75
Emily N: $25
Grace W: $20
Molly A: $20
Dan B: $10
Stephanie G: $20
Merri B: $10
Nynke K: $10
Mellissa F: $15
Celina B: $10
Shelly B: $10
Anonymous: $25
Rebecca J P: $15
Karen F: $40
Morgan O: $10
Jeannine B: $10
Cain C: $15
Emily O: $10
Me: $10

Final Total: $660
Goal: $500

for helping us reach our goal and then smashing it!!!


  1. Sharon, I want to donate, but I live in Europe, so I opened a pay-pal account especially for it, but it will be active within 4 to 6 days! Oh No! I hope it will all be arranged earlier, so I can tribute as well. Great project!

  2. Hi Sharon, it's me again! I just transfered the money to you by Paypal. It works! Hope they will enjoy the strollers. Have a nice day! x Nynke


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