First semester is done. (Wrote but never published)

Love this series where Chris Buck flips the script on race and power 
*I wrote this post a year and a half ago and never published it. Looking back on it now, I see clearly that I outsourced many household tasks and other responsibilities to either immigrant people or people of color. I bolded those tasks. I'm coming to terms with the idea that, like most wealthier people, I tend to outsource chores to poor immigrant women. This isn't a solution I'm comfortable with anymore. This morning, I read You Should Have Asked. It's obvious where the change needs to happen. Read it and pass it on to *whoever* needs to hear it. :)

The following is the post I wrote 1.5 years ago:

What I did:
Took 17.5 credits plus a pass/fail statistics class
Worked at my internship for 21 hours a week. I have 5 clients coming to me for therapy. I love it more than I ever thought.
I learned how to write in APA style.
I wrote so much.
I read things that have changed me. I will never be the same person.
I rode my bike to the South Bronx 3 times a week. Every time I passed the Apollo Theatre and saw a group of white people huddled together with a tour guide, I knew I was half way home. Really interesting to observe the divide where white tourists felt comfortable in NYC and where they don't. Under the Apollo marquee was one of them. I never saw them venturing beyond that. It made me squeamish to observe this happening.
Columbia did a really good job providing opportunities to gain self-awareness.
I moved mid-semester. It was necessary but exhausting. It took me 2 months to unpack.
I took advantage of Columbia's 24 hr library multiple times.

Here's how I was able to do everything:
-I hired a moving company to pack and move everything.
-My family ate out every single night. I didn't cook the entire semester.
-I hired a maid to come once a week. I adore her. She goes well beyond what is expected of her.
-I never did laundry. The entire semester I signed up for a wash and fold service each week. 
-I learned what my drink is at Starbucks (grande skinny cinnamon latte with skim), at Dunkin Donuts (medium macchiato with one pump vanilla and skim), and at my school's vending machine (vanilla cappuccino--only 75 cents!)
-I paid someone to drop off my kids at school every single morning. Some people hire a dog walker, I hired a kid walker. I pay her a flat rate of $20. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes. Mostly it's an hour. Sometimes longer if the train is delayed. Sometimes she buys them muffins. I pay her back when that happens.
-Went to therapy once a week. The school actually recommends it to help process all the things we see and experience. I found the best therapist in the world.

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