Another Edition of Sharon the Feminist: The Feminist Booklist

Men have done some amazing things. I'm so glad I spent 33 years learning about them. Almost all the stories I heard at church were about men or were trying to get me to worship one. The last time I went for the entire block of church, I waited for a story about about a woman to be mentioned. It never came. 3 hours worth of stories about really great men! It's so fun to look around at all the men and wonder if I'll ever be as fabulous as them. The most ironic thing is when I went to the Relief Society (their women's organization) hour and we only talked about men. I almost exploded.

I can only imagine how that formed me into the person I am today. I try not to think about the damage it's done. I also thought back to my school days. Almost all the stories I heard at school were about men's heroic deeds in government and war. Thank you men.

But now I've moved onto a new subject. This year, I've made an effort to seek out books, TV shoes, and movies that feature strong female characters. I've become such a snob about it. I just
don't want to hear another story about a man. Especially a white one. Ugh. Enough is enough. I get it. You're great.

It's been wonderful to have women's stories floating through my head all day long. I can feel myself changing.

I noticed the way I stand can be slouched over and the way I talk can be meek and extremely self depreciating, especially around people I'm intimidated by. I'm trying to stop that. Also putting my hands into the sleeves of my sweatshirt when I'm cold. It's so childlike. I actually do that! I now put my hands in my pockets. I'm also trying to stop complimenting women on how young they look. Just doesn't feel right anymore. I've stopped calling a group of people "guys", unless they are guys. Those are the top things I've noticed. Subtle things. I'm sure there are more.

Here's the books I've enjoyed in the last few months. I read them quickly so brainwashing would be the most effective. It worked.

Bad Feminist (Interesting)
Wild (Fun read)
A Year of Magical Thinking  (So good)
The Color Purple  (THE BEST. How did this book escape me for so long?)
The Girl on the Train (beach read, not really my style. Felt like I should read it because my friend were.)
Helen Keller: The Story of My Life (LOVEEEEEE)
The Member of the Wedding (kind of boring, but effective.)
The Handmaid's Tale (How did I miss this in High School? So good.)

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