Frances McDormand: Adding to the list of people I want to meet on the street of NYC

Somedays, when I'm feeling low, I think to myself: You know what I need right now? A celebrity sighting because that'll perk me up. Rarely does this happen. Actually, it's never happened when I needed it most.

Celebrity sightings usually happen when I'm with Rob. He can spot one from miles away. He'll be like, "Oh, there's Jerry Seinfield." And there's Jerry crossing 81st St. wearing ill fitting jeans and a stupid baseball cap. Or Rob will whisper, "You're standing next to Tina Fey." And there she'll be, dressed in the frumpiest cream sweater you ever saw and I look down at my hand and what am I holding? A butcher knife my friend just gave me after she realized she accidentally packed it in her suitcase. Act cool.

I always get jealous when people see celebrities that are on my list. I just went to breakfast with a friend who saw both Louis CK AND freakin Mark Ruffalo. I about flipped out of my chair when she told me she saw them because I HAVE SPEECHES IN MY HEAD FOR WHEN I MEET THESE TWO.

Another person told me she went to a private school interview and guess who was there with his daughter for an interview? Woody Allen. Now I know. I know. Woody Allen :(. But still. Annie Hall changed my life at age 20 and I would at least like the see the man who was apart of that.

I'm geeking out and writing my list of people I want to see on the street. Here it is:
2. Mark Ruffalo.
3. Keri Russell (I haven't even seen all the episodes of Felicity and I have no idea who she ends up with, but when I was in high school, I would imagine at my prettiest, I looked just like her. I never did. My face instead erred more to the other curly haired celebrity at the time: Chelsea Clinton. Which is fine, whatever, but seeing Keri Russell on the streets would make all my high school dreams come true. I loved her so much and my sister knew it and made fun of me like crazy for it. Which, looking back on, I totally deserved. :)

4. Tina Fey (check)
5. Lena Dunham (check, I wrote about it of course.)
6. Katy Perry (I'm stretching here. I want to beef this list up but I can't think of anymore. Katy, you're on.)
7. NEWEST: Frances McDormand
I knew it was bad when I was walking home from school today and started thinking about what I would tell her. Something like, "Wow. Frances McDormand. I love your work." Totally unoriginal shiz, I know. Nothing flashy, just something quick. I have to rehearse my speech so when it happens, I don't blurt out, "Wow. Hello Frances Mcdormand. I've never watched Fargo!" And then start mumbling about how it's on my list of things to do this week and I don't know how I've gone this long without watching it and I don't even know what it's about, only that she wins best actress for it. Then go on to tell her only reason I know that is because I went down a severe Frances Mcdormand internet worm hole yesterday, which eventually led me to view her SAG acceptance speech. It's awesome. Posting it again. Totally impressed how she self promotes her work.

Notice at the end of the speech, she mentions she's performing in the Early Shaker Spirituals and tells everyone to see it? I googled it and found out it's coming to NYC. Yay. Why wait to have a Frances McDormand celebrity sighting when I can pay to have one instead? So I bought tickets to see her perform. I can't wait. There's still a bunch of $25 tickets available. Go. I don't know what it's about, only that I can't get enough of this woman. Before I see her, I hope to watch all the movies she's be in--everything from Fargo to Madeline to rewatching Olive Kitteridge with Rob. Where has this woman been all my life? I'm so glad I found her.

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  1. If you see Keri Russell, Claire Danes or Ryan Gosling I'll be so jealous that I'm actually considering asking you to not even tell me when you do. But then I won't be able to ask you every detail. Tough call. I gues just tell me.


  2. Holy typos. It gets bad at the end, I know. I'll fix

  3. I, too, recently saw and loved "Olive Kitteridge." And I, too, am recently enamored with Frances McDormand! A few weeks ago, my husband asked me who I was cast as me in the story of my life (as if such a movie would ever be made, or SHOULD). Without blinking, I chose Frances McDormand. "Isn't she..in her sixties?" he asked, puzzled and surprised. "I feel she could most competently convey the person I am," I answered. BECAUSE she is awesome! She is complex, and strong, and smart, and REAL. New woman crush, for real.

    Love your blog!

  4. I admire her like mad. She is so talented & (appears to be) so comfortable in her skin.

  5. I admire her like mad. She is so talented & (appears to be) so comfortable in her skin.

  6. I LOVE Keri Russell! She looks better with age and I'm so glad she's on tv. I'm watching The Americans on Prime and is super intense.

  7. I LOVE Keri Russell! She looks better with age and I'm so glad she's on tv. I'm watching The Americans on Prime and is super intense.

  8. hahaha i had no idea you had a crush on mark ruffalo. me too!!! can't believe i didn't know that about you ;)

  9. "Totally impressed how she self promotes her work."

    Watch the aging interview again 1:54. She doesn't seem to be a fan of self promotion (but it doesn't mean you can be be). Just an interesting contradiction on her part I guess.

  10. Sorry typo above I meant to say (but it doesn't mean you can't be).

  11. FELICITY!!!!!:)

  12. I love this post as when I cannot fall asleep at night I think of what I would say to various famous people if I met them. On top of my list at the moment is the Princess Madeleine since she is Swedish and has an American husband and I am American and have a Swedish husband and then maybe she would think I was so awesome and grant me special rights so I could live in Sweden forever with no complications or something.

  13. Oooh, if you've never seen Laurel Canyon you're in for a treat.

  14. ha! I've run into Keri Russell a few times. I can't seem to escape her ...or John Slattery.

    If I happened upon Tina Fey, though? I would probably kiss her.

  15. Keri Russell would totally be on my list if I had a list. :) I think she looks so naturally beautiful (she looks like she glowing all the time!) and would love to see if that's true in real life.

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