Hallowehn Decorations from CVS

Like all good Nyorkers, most holidays I find myself strolling down the aisles at CVS daydreaming about the upcoming celebrations. Like my husband's birthday. Christmas. Valentines Day. And most recently Halloween. My house is now filled with the finest Halloween decorations you've ever seen. Starting with a plastic door cover to set the mood.
And then moving to spooky cutouts to line the hallways.
But Nothing says Happy Halloween quite like this CVS banner. It comes premade and ready to hang. It starts off fine, but the twist at the end is really quite the shock.
So many things are wrong with this. First, that I buy decorations from CVS. I truly have no standards. Second, that I didn't notice the spelling error until it had been hanging in my house for a week. And third, that I googled Hallowehn to confirm it was spelled incorrectly. It is. And it could have been worse. Somewhere in this world someone has my E. I just hope they noticed the error faster than I did. If not, I hope they have a very Eappy Halloween.
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Halloween Done

This is what my kids want to be for Halloween and so that's what they'll be. A bunch of tacky costumes from the Halloween store. I've decided to make my own costume.
Owen will be this phantom with light up eyes.
Oscar will be this headless horseman
Ella will be a flapper
And of course, I'll be you know who. My twin.

I've got the hair . . .
And the ass. 

Happy Halloween.
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