2014: The Summer of Wide Open Spaces

This has been the summer of wide open spaces. Every week I drag the kids out to the widest spaces NY offers. So far my favorites have been the Great Lawn, Governor's Island, and Nickerson Beach Park. Sing it with me!
The song is too good to be called a guilty pleasure. It's an actual pleasure. It resonates with me today as much as it did in 2000. Probably even more now. Give me some wide open spaces and room to make some big mistakes. Starting with using Dixie Chicks songs to add deep meaning to my life. What ever happened to them? They wrote some powerful stuff. I relate to the chubby sister with all the talent. ha
I was playing frisbee (aka AEROBIE) with Oscar and tossed it around some dudes neck. Even if I tried for a million years I wouldn't have been able to do that on purpose. The guy was not amused. Which made it even more hilarious. 

I would live on Governor's Island if I could. It's the car-free island of my dreams.
I made them do this. 
And finally, Nickerson Beach Park. It was worth the $30 entrance fee. Great beach, playground, and skate park. There was even beach cabanas and camping spaces for rent. I enjoyed it's sweet small town vibe. The perfect place for 10-13 year old kids to spent their summer roaming around and causing trouble. I would love to look into it in the future.
 In case you need supplies for next year's Gay Pride Parade, they sell these towels at Big Lots.  
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  1. At a concert in London in 2003, lead singer Natalie Maines told the crowd: "Just so you know, we're on the good side with y'all. We do not want this war (with Iraq), this violence, and we're ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas." The backlash was immediate, negative and had significant repercussions for the Dixie Chicks. They quit getting radio play and became outcasts in the country music world. In 2006 the band released an unapologetic album, Taking the Long Way, which sold well around the world but not in the United States.

    1. Yes, yes. And I'm from Texas and completely agreed with her statements... except that GW's really a yankee from Connecticut, but whatever. ;) I still love my Dixie Chicks album, and I hate the backlash they received.

  2. Ha ha! Love your last comment about the towel! Your kids are lucky to have an awesome Momma that wants them to experience new places!

  3. I would live in Governor's Island as well if I could. It's so dreamy. I was trying to go into that link for the beach but it seems to be broken. This has been the summer of beaches for us, we keep looking for new, nicer ones.

  4. Thank you for the frisbee story. I LOLd.

  5. your kids always look so happy and full of life! love following along on their adventures :)

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while and I love it. I've been feeling intense burnout with my job lately and craving open quiet spaces. I found this which provides a scientific explanation. http://www.onbeing.org/program/the-science-of-healing-places/4856


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