Camping for Wussies

Every time we run into our friend Daniel Parker, it seems like his family is just getting back from an amazing weekend camping. When he invited us to tag along a few weeks ago, we couldn't say no. We were ready for anything in our new Target-quality camping equipment. Bring it on nature. We can take it. Snakes. Bears. Flash flood warnings. We love flash flood warnings.

Except that we don't. My family stayed in the Days Inn the first night because there was no way I was going to camp in rain. The Parker's took on the flood challenge, of course. And so did the other family in our party. As soon as we checked into the hotel, Rob fell asleep on the bed and I gazed out the window. We had a beautiful view of a McDonald's parking lot. Nothing beats that. I took the kids to the indoor pool, went to Taco Bell for dinner, and fell asleep with the Disney channel in the background. The wimpier choice? Yes. But it felt good.

The next morning, we checked the weather. Clear skies. It's camping time. We saw bald eagles, almost got bit by a snake, and sang camp fire songs around the fire. It exceeded my expectations. As long as the weather is absolutely perfect, we might be camping family. Warm, but not too warm. Clouds, but not too many clouds. And no rain. I'm going to miss those McDonald's parking lots though.
About to set sail.  
Good picture of Ella. 
Oz looking handsome. 
Whoa. Owen's entered his awkward stage a early. 
The kids knew they outnumbered us.
Oscar's dirty face thanks to the amazing desserts the Parker's made for us in their dutch oven. Best ever. 

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  1. Perfect wussy camping summary! :) I love that you slept in a motel. Who wants to camp in the rain??

  2. Great pictures and hotel camping rules!

  3. Somehow I missed this! Great post. Did you bring your nice camera on the canoe?? Brave!


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