Unlikely Celebrity at Our House: Gail Gibbons

If you want to dispute a fact Owen tells you, don't. He's probably read it in a Gail Gibbons book. She's written a gazillion nonfiction books that have his complete attention. She covers everything from corn to the post office to sharks. When he goes "shopping" for books at school, he leaps for the Gail Gibbons books. He has the proudest face when he pulls her books out of his backpack and stacks them on our coffee table. I act very impressed by his loot. And the way he reverends her name. Gail Gibbons this. Gail Gibbons that. He loves saying it. I agree, it is a good name for an author, but look at the cover art for all her books. Even better. Each one could be framed.
We were at a sandwich shop today and a bunch of fire fighters walked in. Owen said, "You know those pants they have on? Those pants protect them from the flames."

I responded, "Why don't you ask them to make sure you're right."

"I don't have to. It's in a Gail Gibbons book, Mom." And sure enough, it's in Fire! Fire! I don't know what we would do without Gail Gibbons in our life.
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  1. go owen! the best. he recently told me about some sort of old animal or dinosaur or something. i can't remember exactly what it was, but it sounded very accurate :)

  2. What a great memory he has or perhaps it is just being a kid but I am always saying well I know I read something about that somewhere....

  3. That is SO cool! I love it when kids love to read. I am so obsessed that I dreamt I was at the NYPL Main last night! Mind you I live in Detroit. I always end up in a library on vacation.


  4. Love this. And I love her book titles and covers too, no nonsense and right to the point. ha! Really cool that he has a favorite author already at his age, must make you proud!!

  5. My kids loved her books when they were younger, too! And I learned a thing or two from them as well.

  6. Two thumbs up:)


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