Favorite New Gap Tooth Celebrity: Clarence

February 17, 2010                                           May 7, 2014
The same week my gap grew to astronomical proportions, I discovered another kindred spirit on the Cartoon Network. His name is Clarence and if my mouth was a cartoon, I would expect it to look just like his. I love it. Beyond that, I love how the show deals with the normal challenges like making friends, disappointing parents, and feeling validated. At the end of every episode, I let out a sigh and say, "Oh wow. That was great." So if you want to be my friend or something, then just come over to my house on Mondays at 7pm. We can eat a lot of pizza poppers, we can watch new Clarence episodes on my big TV, and then at midnight we get to bust open my mystery pinata. You're probably not going to want to miss it.

Best episode below.
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  1. I naturally have a massive gap between my two front teeth! When I was 12 I became way too embarrassed and self-conscious of it so I had braces and now I have a permanent little metal "bridge" behind my two front teeth, to keep the gap closed. I often wonder, now, what I'd look like with it.

  2. Madonna has one! I only know that because the gap runs in my family.

  3. If the mainstream media doesn't cover celebrities, people will get the news anyway through less conventional outlets Perez Hilton or National Enquirer.

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