15 Things I Must Do With My Kids in NYC This Summer

Gearing up for summer. It's going to be a good one. We're spending a week in Fire Island with friends, taking a family reunion cruise out of Florida, another cruise out of Jersey, and two weekend camping trips. I wrote everything on the calendar and realized there wasn't much time left to enjoy NYC's summer activities. Wah. So I stayed up late picking my favorites and planned the entire summer. Very out of character for me, but it felt good. Besides a few stay-home days here and there, our entire summer is set. It's going to fly by. I better dust off my camera so I can have some memories of it.

1. Coney Island
2. Sandy Hook Ferry and Beach (Ferry tickets here. Kids free M-F)
3. Governors Island x3 (Did you hear the good news? It's open everyday this summer.)
4. Local Playgrounds x4
5. Pier 25 x1,000,000
7. Brooklyn Bridge (So many events to choose from)
8. Central Park's Secret Park
9. High Line (Wild Wednesdays)
10. Brooklyn Botanical Garden
11. Sheep's Meadow
12. MET
13. See a movie at the best theatre ever
14. Bryant Park
15. Statue of Liberty (It's finally opened.)

I've also reserved 3 days of the calendar for each kid to pick an activity they want to do. It can be anything. Chuck E Cheese here we come again.
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  1. That is amazing, you have some seriously lucky kids! I also wish I had someone to come plan my summer!

  2. You guys are too cool! Love those pictures and the itinerary has me pea green with envy and missing NY.

  3. You are a great photographer! These photos of your kids are so cool!

  4. We are gearing up to move back to the states after living in London for 3 years...I am writing the same sort of lists for over here.

    1. awesome. can you email it to me when you're done? we might be going on a trip to london soon and i would love to have recommendations. please don't spend too much time on it--just a simple list would be helpful if you remember. thanks! :)

  5. I have one week of my summer planned. That's it. (That's my jealousy showing it's face ;-))

  6. Ummmmmm....your kids look like tiny teenagers all of a sudden. When did that happen?? I'm jealous of your planned summer. Can you plan mine, too?

  7. This is awesome!! You guys always seem to do summer best! : )

  8. Cheesiness aside (as if possible), if every parent of a child did this every year, I'd bet there would be so much more happier and contented people around us...Great idea Sharon!

  9. Wow, what a great idea to plan your summer -- I bet your kids won't be bored at all!

  10. Yay - great post and so timely - we are visiting NYC for the first time soon with our 13 yo so will check out these great ideas!!!! Thanks Sharon - you made our week in your city so much easier!!!!

  11. Your kids are the so gorgeous!!!


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