I Can't Tell My Own Identical Twins Apart

No, computer, that's Owen making his signature fart noise face. 
When I was pregnant with the boys, I remember fantasying about having twins on a car ride with Rob. At the time, I hadn't even gone to the doctor yet, but it was always something I thought about in the early weeks of pregnancy. I told Rob identical twins were so weird, like why does it even happen? And if I were to ever have twins, I would want them to be fraternal. I told him I would be the worst person ever to have identical twins because I have the hardest time with faces. I often question whether I have a slight case of facial amnesia. You know that phrase: I can't remember a name, but I'll remember a face? I can't remember either. 

I feared if I had identical twins, I wouldn't be able to recognize my own kids. Instead of listening to what they were saying, I would be trying to figure out who I was talking to the whole time. When they boys came, of course, I recognized the differences in them immediately. Owen's ears looked slightly different. Oscar's head was rounder. It was a huge relief.

Problem is, while I could recognize them as babies, now I look back at pictures and can't tell who's who. I feel awful. With a few exceptions, they all look like Oscar to me. Round head after round head after perfectly round Charlie Brown head. I never labeled the photos because it was so obvious at the time. Big mistake.

I'm banking on the fact that they get a kick out tricking people of their identity. I hope they find it just a humorous when I explain to them that their own mom doesn't have the foggiest who they are in baby pictures. I suspect they were splitting into two at that very moment I said the fateful words "identical twins are weird." Just in spite of me. Those boys are always finding ways to drive me crazy. Love them anyway. 

Here's my collection of pictures of Oscar and Owen. I mean Owen and Oscar. Either way, they are both somewhat represented in these pictures. 
These pictures are too good to be bothered with the details of identity.
Also the last and only time I dressed them the same. 
Not me. A model mom and dad for a catalog shoot.
I wonder if model mommy and daddy label their fake twins pictures for future reference? Probably.
Who's going to claim those lashes? Beats me.
I made this picture as a challenge for relatives and friends. I have to dig up the results in an old email because I stumped myself.

A million mystery pictures after the jump . . .
Oscar? Those earnest eyes.
Owen. Early signs of his fart noise. I think it's Owen at least. I remember dressing him in blue on this trip. 
Oscar? He has Oscar ears. But he's wearing blue. Who knows.
Oscar again probably.
Almost 100% Owen. I got this one.
I threw this one in because WTF are they wearing? Oscar left, Owen right. 
Absolutely no idea. The thing is, I used to dress Owen in blue and Oscar in green (for Oscar the Grouch). But some days I put them in whatever was clean. So this isn't always a true indicator of identity. But sometimes it was. Oh dear. I was just trying to get through the day. I'm happy there's any pictures at all. 
Oscar? No Owen. Oscar. Owen! No it's Oscar. 

Fart face clues me into Owen. 65% sure it's Owen. 

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  1. Well, don't worry! My mum can't tell me and my 7 year older brother apart in baby photos either... When using the same clothes, she's gotta look at whether it is 70's or 80's surroundings to have a qualified guess.. She doesn't like overcrowding the living room with photos, so she only had one baby photo up, representing both kids... :)

    1. hahahaha this is the funniest thing ever.

  2. I think this not being able to tell kids apart is a common problem, twins or not! All the baby photos are labeled on the back of my brother and I. Also love the name Oscar! Mum was thinking of that for brother as well, after the grouch but they went with Maxwell after Maxwell Smart (I'm Lucille after Lucille Ball)

  3. Not to worry! My twin boys are not identical and there are plenty of pictures that I haven't the foggiest which is which. I used to dress Leo in blue and Simon in whatever the heck other color! They were just so much alike - now that they're six, they are so different.

  4. This was the pick me up I needed this morning. Your boys are adorable.

  5. This makes me think that maybe I should start labeling photos. I think the differences between my 7 month old ID boys are obvious...though now when I look back at early infancy photos I do have trouble!

  6. Sounds like me! My girls are only 10 months but I look back at lots of earlier photos and can't tell (even though it was obvious to me at the time). Labeling is so much work though. Maybe I'll just pretend like I know.

  7. Wow, I would be hopeless at telling them apart. I feel like I recognize them now only because of their hair being so different. Good thing you have "fart face"

  8. I had four boys. They were all fart faces.

  9. Don't worry! I'm an identical twin and I can't tell myself in my baby photos! I rely on my mom to tell me, but she doesn't always know either. It doesn't trouble me ;) It's like you said, at least there are photos at all!! ;)~

  10. This might be my very favorite post of yours. Your babies looked good enough to eat! ;)

  11. i thought you kept oscar's hair longer to correspond to his longer name? is it weird that i remember you saying that a while ago?

  12. this post made me laugh so much. that would be my problem if i was a mom of twins! they're both so cute though!!!

  13. I have twin boys too. They are fraternal, but I also have a hard time with some of their baby pictures that aren't labeled. haha I had been trying to keep it a secret! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I have 3wk old identical twin boys this made me laugh ill definitely be labelling their photos after reading this lol x

  15. My dad sometimes can't tell baby photos. There was one where he thought it was me and my brother, though it was actually me and my cousin.

  16. It is lovely story. Just come across to read your blog. I am also a mother of 2 identical twin boys. You are not the worst mother because across the world you may find myself being the same situation. I always blank when look at the photo who is who? Funny story that ask my husband all the time. He is good at remember people's face.
    Plan to set hair in different style as well. Problem is now they are 10 months old and hair does not seem to grow long. Love your twin kids photo :)

  17. So cute babies! Just love to kiss them!


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