Flashback: Short Hair on Girls

Up until my daughter Ella was around 5 years old, I kept her hair really short so I wouldn't have to brush it. One less thing I had to do or worry about. I was in survival mode the first three years with the twins and this is one solution to a huge problem in my house. She liked going to Supercuts and I was tired of hearing her and the brush fight each morning. I know there are ways to avoid tears like braiding before bed (noway), spray No More Tears until it was sopping wet (tempting) or chop it all off (ding ding ding). I think it looked amazing. If only I could convince her to go this short now.
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  1. She is so gorgeous she could pull anything off. She looks like a baby Meg Ryan here!

  2. I have had short hair at different times throughout my life and LOVE it. So simplifying and I think there is a really flattering short hair cut out there for everyone. Also, all of my girlcrushes are always women w short hair. If you are thinking about a pixie, do it!


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