Cautionary Tale: Dressing Boys Like Hipsters

This is a cautionary video. It starts with Oscar in a cuddly blue outfit with soft curly hair. I want to squeeze him. Then Owen comes along with his tight skinny jeans and spiky mohawk. I want to squeeze him too, but I'm scared of getting chafed. I thought I was being so edgy when I dressed Owen up like a hipster/punk rocker/adult. He ends up looking ridiculous and uncomfortable. I wish I could say this was the only time I did this to my boys, but it's not. I found another example of my misjudgment a few years later. My deepest apologies to Owen and Oscar. Sorry for projecting my need to look like a hip! young! cool! mom on you.

I'm shocked there is no fighting over the ball in the entire video. They don't always get along this good (proof).
Oscar "accidentally" threw those cut off shorts out window. I got the message. 
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  1. hee hee hee. i got a pair of skinny pants for my 4 year old son and he told me, "these are dumb, my legs feel too tight"

    1. Did this my son also and he said, "Mom, I could run so much faster if my pants weren't so tight!" Got the message loud and clear!!

  2. Wonderful! I sometimes feel like I'm not dressing my son hip enough, but his fleece outfits are just so snugly (and it's been freakin' cold this winter). Also, I feel that suspenders are pretty practical for kids.

  3. My brother is 14 and last summer I convinced him to buy some of those cut off style shorts and he wore them once and then told me he felt like a pirate and they then "got lost" in his closet!

  4. Omg I loathe kids dressed as 22 year old art students from Brooklyn. I consider it in the same family as show moms and dads. Look this way for me etc...

  5. So cute! I face the same issue. I feel like if my baby looks cool, it will make me look cool... But he is so much happier in normal baby outfits!


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