Christmas Music Showdown

Oh man. If I have to hear Rob sing Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger's hit song Christmas to Remember one more time, I might go crazy. It got to the point this morning that he didn't realize he was singing it. Putting on his socks. "You make this a Christmas to remember!" Looking for his hat. "Oh ohhhhhh!" Even humming it while he brushed his teeth. Just the chorus. Over and over again. Why couldn't he have picked any of Mariah Carey's fabulous Christmas songs to be his favorite? I couldn't blame him for that. But Dolly and Kenny? The worst. 15 more days of this nonsense.


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  1. The song isn't too bad but that slideshow is horrible!

  2. I'd never heard the song, but wow...that is something. Although the slide show takes it to a whole 'nother level.

  3. Is the misspelling of verses a pun?

    1. haha i wish i was that clever. but no, it wasn't a pun. i changed it :)

  4. Ha Kenny and Dolly never get old. Literally, have you seen them lately?!

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