Christmas Cards: Better Late Than Never

That felt good. I finally stuffed these holiday cards Pinhole Press sent me last year. We basically look the same, except for a few improvements. Ella has slightly more teeth. Rob got new frames. And I bought a curling iron. Other than that, this is still our family. And it might be next years family too if I don't buy some stamps and drop it off in a mailbox soon.

Update: Just noticed Pinhole Press is offering a 20% off on holiday cards with code: Cards20. I'm tempted to get started on next years cards now. It's never too soon. Or too late ;)
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  1. totally cute card. i just ordered ours yesterday, ug, hope they get here in time and i find some motivation!

  2. My you five are such a cute family <3

  3. aww, it is a gorgeous picture though, even if it is over a year old people will still want to see it

  4. Can I just say that you are one of my favorites? Every time I see a new post of yours in my blog feed, I get happy. Merry christmas!

  5. A few years ago when life was a little bit more hectic (kids were smaller, I was working and in grad school, etc.) I got in the habit of taking a picture on Christmas morning and sending it out as a "hope your holiday was merry and have a happy new year" card. Everyone loved it and it gave me a great excuse to be late with my Christmas cards. I also had the benefit of putting everything together during that lull between Christmas and New Year's.

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