31 Delicious Things You Need To Eat In NYC This Winter

BuzzFeed recently posted a list of 31 Delicious Things You Need To Eat In NYC This Winter. While the official first day of winter doesn't start until the 21st, I'm plowing my way through the list now. I've done 1.
Don't be fooled. Owen's mocking me in every picture, as he should.
Beyond the hot chocolate, the cookies are great too. PS That pie costs 1 million dollars. I've never tried it. :(
Yellowish pictures of food are my speciality.  
WTF is this photo of Owen. Who cares. It's in focus. 
FYI: boxed water is better, but boxed hot chocolate isn't (below). Avoid it. 
We're ready for our next adventure. I took this picture on a crowded sidewalk. I didn't feel stupid at all. Not one single bit. 

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  1. i bought that boxed water last time we were in nyc, made me feel like a legit bad ass. but owen looks way more bad ass then me.

  2. Am so happy you're posting again!

  3. My co-worker just sent me the list yesterday. Have you ever been to Rolf's (#10 on the list) before? The Christmas decor looks amazing! I am excited to check out some of the Queens locations as well. City Bakery hot chocolate is delicious, but I usually can only drink their shot size (with a marshmallow, of course!).

  4. So that pumpkin pie... waaaaaay expensive but the claim is legit. Best I've had. I've asked my mother-in-law to try and figure out how I can make a similar graham cracker crust that doesn't just get soggy when you fill it with the pumpkin pie filling, because I've tried and it's impossible! Theirs is super thick, but STILL! It's the best. YUMMMMMM... Cute photos! xoxo

    1. Recipe here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/dailydish/2009/10/because-you-asked-a-pumpkin-pie-recipe.html

  5. So intrigued by the $$$ pie! How much is it?!

  6. Ooh I've been meaning to go check out City Bakery & looks like I really should soon after this fun & yummy post :)

  7. My favorite caption is the crisp clear photo that didn't make any sense. I have pictures like that too that I love because the quality is perfect but the subject is off. haa! Seriously though, how much is that pie??

  8. city bakery really is amazing, i'm lucky to work down the block from it. Buuuttt that hot chocolate is so thick that i always have to ask for it cut with milk, they call it a "wimpy"!!

  9. your boys seem like the two coolest dudes ever...and sweet too. nice job, mama!

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