Impulse Buy: Ice Skates

This picture screams, "I'm very comfortable in front of the camera."

I've learned with NYC, I just have to give into winter. For years I've been in denial about this dreadful season. Holding my breath for months and looking for signs of spring as soon as possible. That method hasn't worked so well. It only makes it worse. This year I'm fighting back.

My weapon: Ice skates.

Ice skating is free at Bryant Park until March 2. But you need your own skates. I bought the cheapest ones on Amazon for everyone in my family except Rob. I didn't even ask him if he wanted a pair. I can get a sense for these things. Perhaps it was the last thing he asked before he left the house this morning that clued me in.

"You didn't buy those ice skates. Did you?"

Oh yes I did, but not for you! No ice skates for cynics. They rent theirs.

I feel like if we go 10 times, it will be worth it. I just hope my kids don't expect me to teach them. Ugh. Let me skate you brats. Stop trying to hold my hand. You're holding me back. I'm about to unlock my inner champion figure skater.

If things go well, I'll buy a figure skating costume by February. Nothing too flashy. Used probably. Just enough to embarrass my kids so they won't want to be seen with me. I'll pad them up and let them loose in the rink. They'll be fine. I'll be great.  

It's going to be the best winter ever.

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What We've Been Up to Lately: Improve Classes at Red Carpet Kids

Ella and her teacher Eva (in gray) making the same determined face. It's a great face.
I guess I'm signing my kids up for classes now? It's finally happened. No more wondering aimlessly through the city. We have places to be! People to meet! Get outta our way! My kids have been dabbling in skateboarding and soccer and now improv classes through Red Carpet Kids. We're obsessed. Here's a few reasons why it's our favorite class of all . . .

1. It takes place is on the Upper East Side in a gorgeous mansion. To get there after school, we cut through Central Park on our scooters. It's been incredible to watch the park change with the seasons. The journey to improv is part of the adventure.

2. Bottomless pink lemonade once we get to class.

3. The teachers can't be beat. Their energy level hasn't waned from the first class back in September. It actually seems to be getting higher as the kids learn the games and techniques. The teachers are so excited when they see improvement and aren't afraid to show it.

4. The skills learned from improv are endless. Thinking fast, developing creativity, and building confidence are just a few. Pretty much everything I would want them to learn.

5. Funny (Owen) or not (Oscar), these skills will help them with whatever they want to do with their life. Whether it be an FBI agent (Owen), a pilot (Oscar), or a teacher (Ella).

6. While my kids are in class, I sneak away to Bloomingdale's around the corner. It's a whole other world on the Upper East Side. I could get used to it very fast.

7. We've started forming a friendship with Eva and Craig, the founders of Red Carpet Kids. We even have a double date on the calendar. Can't wait!

8. My kids are in complete bliss for the entire hour. Take a look at the pictures. They can't contain themselves. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I highly recommend the class and would love to see more kids join us at  Improv University at Red Carpet Kids. Click here to for information about the class.

Also, Red Carpet Kids offers pajama parties on select Friday nights. My kids went once so Rob and I could go on a date. It was perfect. The kids got to watch movies in the theater, eat pizza, and play games. A great way to start the weekend. Click here to find out more about their upcoming events.

Owen and Oscar are practically conjoined during class. It's really sweet to see their tight bound. 
Eva giving them an pretend baby bird. They totally dropped it. 
Work it little Miss Amy Poehler
Above is Owen trying to put his grubby hands on the chandelier. The classic, "this is why we can't have nice things," phrase ran through my head. That smirk on his face. Scary!  
May pink lemonade always be in their red dixie cups.
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My Birthday Wish: Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm a really good mom when my kids are sleeping. Happy too. 
The night before my birthday I told my kids the best present they could give me was to get dressed on their own and not fight in the morning. If they felt themselves getting frustrated, I would help them. Just please please without whining. They totally did it.

Only problem? It was 5:20am when they got started. 30 minutes later, I heard 6 Hush Puppies clomping down the hallway.

"Take your shoes off guys. Now. It's not even 6am," I screamed from my bed.

By 6:30am, Ella was begging me to take them to school. Oh my gosh. Go away. I hadn't even showered yet. And beyond that, the school would still be closed.

So instead of being nice about all their efforts, I was annoyed and they knew it. Poor things. It was too early for me to be grateful. Morning birthday presents. Never again.
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Around Here Since I Got a Full-Time Job

I'm still working full-time doing data entry for a website. Here's how the first week went down in the my home:

Day One: I got this.

Day Two: House is unrecognizable. Entire family resorts to leaping over everything. Scooters, books, jackets, backpacks all create a sort of obstacle course. Things start disappearing. Owen's school shoes are missing. Pencils are no where to be found.

Day Three: Blur.

Day Four: Laundry has completely run out. Rob and I are spot cleaning kids' uniforms and spraying everything with Febreze. Dirty socks for all. I walk the kids to school commando-style in my favorite pair of jeans until I can slip into a CVS for some quality underwear. Mildly surprised with their selection. Buy a 3-pack of Hanes to last until the weekend. Change later.

Day Four: I feel like a Cathy cartoon. Ponder growing my bangs out to better resemble her.

Day Five: By now I've listened to every podcast ever made. I remember none of them. I know a scientist stopped light in an atom but I have no idea how. I also know a slinky hovers in the air before falling, but forget why. And some guy finds bliss from a bag filled with cheese curls, mentos, and a chocolate bar after traveling where for 86 days? Facts get mixed up when I try to tell Rob about everything I'm learning. Slinky stops light beams by hovering. No. Cheese curls and atoms are the ultimate bliss? Who knows.

Day Six and Seven: The weekend! Spend 3 hours cleaning my bedroom. Fill up one trash bag with candy wrappers. Sleep Sunday away. Decline invitations to see friends. Stay in jammies both days.

Day Eight: Finally do laundry. 3 Loads: The essentials.

Day Nine: I got this.

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