NYC Skateboard Lessons: The Best Birthday Present for 6-Year-Olds

This is Owen and Oscar on their 6th birthday with their lollipops and skateboards. They just finished their first skateboard lesson. Here's how it played out:

As we turned the corner in Riverside Park, we were greeted by Shawn, the best skateboard instructor ever. He had drawn a half pipe with sidewalk chalk and made the kids the cutest name tags before class started. Notice how he cut out the stickers and made the edges all squiggly. He could have them left square, but no, he busted out the scissors. That's the kind of guy Shawn is. Salt of the earth.

Shawn had them stretching, practicing in the grass, learning how to fall properly, and taught them a quick little skateboard flip. I'll have to take a video of it--it's the first things kids want to show people.

The thing that impressed me most was that it was the first time my kids ever set foot on their skateboards (they received them as presents in the morning) and yet they learned how to have so much control of the board when riding. It's shocking.

I asked Oscar what he thought of the lesson and he said, "It wasn't good, it was FANTASTIC!" Everyday after school they beg me to bring their skateboards so they can practice. They keep asking when their next lesson will be. Soon, I tell them. Keep practicing. You'll be with Shawn in no time.

I found Shawn through Go Skate Skateboard School. They have instructors nationwide--I'm sure you can find a few in your area. While it was super easy to sign up, I thought it was weird that Go Skate didn't tell me who the instructor was going to be until 24 hrs before the first class. I signed up a month early and it was annoying not to have contact with the instructor. This wasn't Shawn's fault, more the company's policy. So odd. But everything worked out in the end.

If you're interested in getting your kids into skateboarding, here's the equipment I bought. As long as you don't buy a cheap skateboard from a toy store, you'll be fine.  
dude, this is the worst collage ever.
Triple 8 Pads: I like these pads and recommend them. They are easy to put on and seem durable. I bought the junior size.  
Razor Helmet: Not totally impressed with the fit of this helmet, but for around $10, it suits our needs. If they continue with skateboarding, I'll get them a better helmet. For now, this one is fine.
Positiv Skateboard: These skateboards are slightly smaller than a regular skateboard, so they are great for kids. Ella got the pink one pictured and my boys chose this red one. My kids' skateboards measure 28.65 inches long, verses the standard 31-32 inches. The boards arrived assembled and ready to ride. Although, I did have to loosen the screws on some of the wheels to make them ride smoother.
so badass with their skateboards and birthday crowns. 
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  1. Did you make that collage? haha love you

  2. i love that the birthday gift was an experience/lesson as well as the gear. no wonder those boys are so crazy about you.


  3. they are so ridiculously adorable!

  4. wow are you the coolest mom ever! what a great idea. I love how they are posing so bad ass...but then have lolli-pops. Ha. Post some video of that shiz so we can cheer on the little bash brothers.

  5. Happy day indeed! We've been taking my boy to the local skate park to ride his bike on the ramps and it is AMAZING how resilient and excited he is about it all (he's 4). I am terrible at all of it but love watching kids discover confidence in new skills.

  6. oh my gosh. they are SO darling. i love this.

  7. So badass-looking!!
    MY kids went for roller-skating lessons and their instructors were just amaaaaazing!

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