Father and Son Clones

Last night at the dinner table Owen said, "Hey dad, you're in sales right?"

Rob, "Yeah."

Owen, "Well, to convince someone to do something, you have to "dig deep". That way they will want to do buy what you're selling."

I think Owen's doing a unit on persuasive essays at school and was fascinated by the idea. The two of them went on and on about trying to get people to buy a product. I wasn't surprised.

Ever since Owen was about 2, I've noticed he is the clone of my husband. Which is weird because Owen actually has the same DNA as his brother. I always tell Rob our marriage was solidified the day Owen was born. Anytime I'm with Owen, it's like spending time with Rob. Even if we got a divorce, I would still be stuck with him one way or another. I might as well stick it out an entire lifetime. It's not so bad, both of them make me laugh like no one else. That alone is worth any trouble they cause me. If I'm totally bummed about something, I can count on them to get me to smile. It works like magic.

With Owen, all I have to do is ask him to make me a silly face. It usually takes a few tries, but he always gets a giggle out of me. With Rob, all I have to do is ask him to tell me a story from his childhood. Or better yet, his adult life. Either way, my life is in good shape with those two around.
Owen's trying to be funny. And it's working. 
Keep reading to see more pictures of Owen. Plus an explanation for last week's posts . . .

Some kids focus on the mouth to make a funny face, Owen knows it's all in the eyes. Genius. 
I shouldn't put this one up, because he's not trying to make a funny face.
His face is just funny without trying sometimes. 
Vampire Eye brows are the key to a successful funny face.  
He holds this eye roll until he knows I'm done talking the picture. 
First Day of kindergarden fart face.
Ohhh, mom. Ain't I so cute. I bet you're going to put this on your blaaag. 
Ok, I admit it. Last week was extra funny thanks to Rob's help. Here's the deal: I would come up with the concept, find the pictures, and write the post/captions. Rob would then go through and make everything extra funny. I just needed a little help to really kill it. We make a great team. :)

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  1. Owen really is Rob. Love 'em both!!!!

  2. I always laugh at rob's stories. I wish he stayed on jury duty with me.

  3. But why do you hate Oscar?


  4. Ha ha! Even your comments are funny, love that Rob's mom made the first comment!!

  5. My youngest brother is a clone of my mom and it is so true that being with him is just like being with my mom, I however am like neither of my parents which is why I think they boy enjoy being around me!

  6. This made me chuckle! They are all adorable!

    xx Erin

  7. Is Owen the one that also says "non" very calmly when he doesn't want to do something? I like that too!

  8. I still can't tell them apart. You should keep the vampire eyebrows on Owen all the time! hahaa

  9. Hi Sharon! I stumbled across your blog, and love it! Your kids are absolutely adorable (they should seriously model)!

    I just wanted to ask you something, if it's not too personal a question:

    Reading your blog, I know that you were a stay at home mom for a while, and now you work as a writer. But how did you manage to do that, survive without or just on your husband's salary?! I mean this is NYC, probably one of the most, if not the most expensive areas in the world, especially when housing costs are concerned (apartments in horrible areas tend to start at 1000/mo, nicer areas, easily 2000/mo+.) How do you guys survive?

    Again, I really don't mean to pry!! I'm a young person in college, hoping to one day get married and live in NYC :) I'm really just curious as to how its done.

    Hoping you will answer or let me know to contact you over email.

    All the best!

    1. Rereading my comment today, I realize that it's a really personal question. And by all means, if you find it inappropriate, delete it.

      I didn't mean for you to share a play by play of your finances. But the way my comment was written, it may sound like that. I meant it as a more general question, like "How do you manage to juggle it all?"

      And again if this is an inappropriate question to ask, please, just delete it.

    2. Hey, this information is actually available on some blogs--if you're asking cause you're interested in starting your own. But anyway, try pinchofyum.com they actually tell you how much they make per month on their blog--without going into detail about their personal expenses. Just a suggestion

  10. Sorry i can't believe you asked that question......

  11. Your posts are really funny. I love it!

  12. owen and oscar are starting to get harder to tell apart in pictures. Is rob getting into blogging lol How is school going for the boys do they like it? going off your other posts morning pictures it seems like they like it lol I'm with ella on the morning moping.


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