Everyday Expectations

Since my boys were around 3-years old, they have jumped out of bed at 6am and sprinted to the living room with the viger and urgency that should only be felt on Christmas morning. What do they expect to find at the end of the hallway? I don't want to disappoint them or anything, but it's a regular old Tuesday in mid-September.

Or worse it's Monday. Yes, it's actually Monday. The worst day of the week in the most uneventful month in the year. Just when they were getting used the weekend lifestyle of lounging around in their underwear and watching cartoons all day, they now have to switch gears and stay in school for 9 hours. They will have to wear a tie and a belt and sit still and eat a school lunch. We are not going to a Parisian carnival today. There are no presents to open or birthday breakfasts to eat. Go back to bed! There's nothing to see here but the start of a new day.

I guess to them, that's as exciting as it gets. A couple of real maximizers those two boys. I hope they never change.
Ella, on the other hand, has had the morning mope walk down for years.  
Top photo by Keith Pitts
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  1. Haha, Ella is doing it right! I'm a morning person though and I can absolutely understand the boys. morning is when you have all your energy just loaded and it's the time of the day when you don't know what's going to happen next and how you'll feel in the end of the day ... so it's nice to enjoy having a new day every day and good to start with a good mood, innit?! ;)

  2. my son is just like that, he is ready with the morning dew! this morning he wanted to take a walk before i had two sips of my coffee. slow down boy, mama needs to caffeinate.

  3. Oh, I can definitely wait for the school days!

  4. Ella is basically me. And the boys are basically my three younger brothers combined.
    I would understand her:)

  5. I used to have this issue and then broke down and put a computer in my boys room. They play quietly in there until everyone else wakes up, it's nice!

  6. I just love your daughter! I hope she always stays the same. My two boys (nearly 5 & 10 months) are clearly both morning people.

  7. ahhh love the morning mope walk, i have that down myself - except i don't have such a fabulous hallway to walk down

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