Bathing Suits

Ever since I saw myself in the bathing suit from the cruise, I swore I would avoid black bathing suits for awhile. It's so obvious I bought it to look slimmer. But really. How is a bathing suit going to make me look skinny? That's asking a bit much. My quest now isn't to look 15 pounds lighter, but to have the appearance of bigger boobs. Adding instead of taking aways seems like a more realistic goal. This green suit I recently bought is cute, but didn't do the trick. I'm hoping this bathing suit from J.Crew (on sale for $26) will make it happen. I'm so proud how far I've come in the boob department.

I was a gymnast and spring board diver in my teen years. Boobs don't go well with those sports, so I tried everything to prevent them from developing. I remember watching Now & Then and feeling like kindred spirits with Christina Ricci's character as she duct tapes her boobs down flat.

And I'll never forget the moment I was reaching across my chest for a pencil in the junk draw in my kitchen and feeling the beginnings of boobs. I was around 10 or 11. Not helping matters was my mom's diagnosis with breast cancer around that time. I left the pencil in the junk drawer and walked over to the couch and sat for five minutes, just starring at the wall. I felt like my life as a kid was over. I was worried the next morning I would wake up and look like a fully developed woman.

It didn't happen. The process was much slower, but that didn't stop me from wearing the tightest sports bras under my clothes until I was in college. I associated boobs with fat and growing old. It wasn't until I met my husband Rob that I finally became comfortable with my body and ditched the sports bras. Before him, I hated my boobs. But look at me now! Buying swimsuits with one thing in mind: Bring on the boobies.
Pictures from the pool on our short trip to the St. Regis in Punta Mita, Mexico

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  1. I love love love the green swimmers!

  2. I LOVE this post, and adore your candor. I thought I was the only pre-teen who wanted time to stop. I was so against boobs I used to slide my bra out of my shirt sleeve in the back of class and shove it in my backpack everyday. I was in total denial of my body changes and wanted to ignore them. I was like a Judy Blume character. Now my lingerie drawer is so stacked with padding I could probably set it adrift at sea and it would bob to the surface.

  3. This is off topic, but I've been reminded of it every time I visit your site.

    Did you ever write about why you quit your day job?

  4. I love your new suit! Get one from Victoria's Secret, they specialize in boobs if you want to look bigger, hahaa

    1. http://www.victoriassecret.com/swimwear

  5. love that bathing suit. Bring on the boobies, ah!! So great! I used to hide my burgeoning boobs too but only because my elder sister was really jealous that I was getting them. She used to fight me constantly and elbow my boobs with great pleasure-sooo painful! ah girls!

  6. Which begs the question, did you breast feed?! ;) Unlike yourself, I was one of the girls doing the arm pumps and chanting, "I must, I must, I must increase my bust!" And it did happen! I'm pretty well-stacked, actually. Ha!

    I'm also curious to hear the story of why you quit your day job. Write the post. WRITE IT, SHARON! XOXO

  7. Me too - it's also a hard ask from a swimsuit, especially since it's sooooo much more obvious when swimsuits are padded.

  8. Oh my friend, you make me laugh out loud! xo

    ps - you look great in that suit up there by the way

  9. i agree with victoria's secret! (i have a padded tankini)... helps me to feel confident & comfortable at the beach.


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