Central Park with Kids: Wild Flower Graffiti

Nothing is more badass than making wild flower graffiti. Especially if there's a rule about not picking weeds in Central Park. Which I'm sure there's one somewhere because there's so many rules in Central Park. You better stay alert or be too rebellious to care. We're clearly the rebel type. Well, at least one of us is. . .
"owen made me do it!"
"where are those damn flowers?"
Keep reading to find out the gender and see more pictures of our wild adventure . . .
I thought it was a girl until Owen made sure it was a boy.
owen's big eyes are creeping me out. 
man down!
step one. where it all began.


  1. Ha ha! Very cute and funny, nerd !

  2. Hahaa those eyes!

  3. These photos made me laugh. Their facial expressions are hilarious and your captions are awesome.

  4. AWesome! I told my two boys to come over and look at the cool flower graffiti that we should do and the first thing my 4 year old said, "look, a pen!s".


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