Last Minute Mother's Day Flowers

Eeeek. I totally forgot to post about the flowers I received from BloomNation for Mother's Day. But I'm sure I'm not the only one procrastinating this time of year. If you haven't picked up a Mother's Day gift, flowers are the perfect option. I ordered this Floral Heights bouquet on Wednesday night and it arrived the next afternoon. I love it.

BloomNation can be described as the Etsy of flowers. It has that same personal, handmade feel as well as the benefit of supporting local businesses. The only flaw is that like Etsy, it has a few stellar designers mixed with mediocre ones. I went through and picked out some of my favorites. Hopefully there's a cool florist featured on the site in your area. If so, use coupon code Bloom20 for an extra 20% off.

San Francisco: $75 Wild Romance
Burlingame, CA: $145 Garden
Denver: $40 Soft Rose Arrangement
Raleigh, NC: $65 Laurel and Lace
Huntington Beach: $59 Jacobs
Atlanta: $95 Blue Paradise
Los Alamitos: $80 Vintage Bouquet 2
I also adore this option to create a custom arrangement. You choose a local florist you like, set the price, describe the kinds of flowers you prefer, and even upload a few pictures to inspire the florist. Next time I'm doing that!

Thanks BloomNation for the sending me the arrangement :)

Flower arrangements from years past: Valentine's 2013Valentine's Day 2012, Mother's Day 2011. Every year they get better!
I love arrangements that feel like a scavenger hunt. Where from every angle I find surprising flowers I wouldn't expect. Keep reading to see a bagillion pictures of my Mother's Day bouquet . . .


  1. Perfect choice, love them!

  2. Thank you so much for the flowers. Love, love, love them!!

  3. boy. note to self: become a blogger associated with cup of jo. get lots of free stuff including lovely flowers.

    1. awww. that's unfair, i'm also associated with oh happy day and say yes to hoboken! haha

  4. Flowers look wonderful on all the occasion. It can be given to a person of any age. Flowers are of different type and different colors. They all look wonderful and i too love them a lot. These are looking really very nice and it can make mother's day very special.

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