Happy Mother's Day at 9pm: My Husband's Thoughts on Ella's Birth

that's me and ella on Dec.24, 2005
A couple of years ago, my friend Joanna asked my husband Rob these questions about Ella's birth. It's funny to reread his thoughts about the day we entered parenthood. I should post my answers on Father's Day. Keep reading for the hilarious Q&A . . .

who are these people? 

Our daughter Ella was born on July 10, 2005 in a small hospital on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I was a 26-year-old pizza delivery guy that hadn't yet finished college. Needless to say, her birth changed my life for the better...

What was your role during the birth?
Basically I was in charge of everything easy: change the channel on the TV, get more ice, make sure Sharon's chords didn't get tangled while she was going to the bathroom and remind her how to breathe. Anything that didn't require a medical degree. Or any degree at this point.

What did you do to make your wife feel better? Did it work?
A lot of what I tried to do to make Sharon feel better was done beforehand. I went to the birthing classes and watched videos of women delivering their children. I took a tour of the hospital and pretended to read What to Expect When You're Expecting. I also became a master of the classic Hee Hee Hoo lamaze breathing. During the actual delivery, Sharon noticed she could see my tongue during the "Hoos." She finally screamed out, "Stop Hooing! I can see your ugly tongue. It looks like a slimy worm." Fortunately I'd already had nine months of a hormonal pregnancy to prepare me for this moment, and I made sure that my tongue was not seen again for the rest of the delivery.

What were you thinking during the experience? What was your dominant emotion? 
I remember thinking, I can't believe this is happening right now. I'm gonna be a dad. I can't believe I am going to be someone's dad. I hope she gets Sharon's smile. Should I grab the camera? Should I be standing by Sharon side or closer to the action? What if I don’t feel anything different when I see her? Why are we naming her Ella? We have less than $300 in our checking account. I hope she gets Sharon's eyes. I wonder if she already knows how much we love her?
luckily ella stops making that face 
Who else was in the room? Thumbs up/down?
For most of the delivery, it was just the nurse, Sharon and me. Ella was born in Hawaii, and our families were a few thousand miles away. I loved it. Sometimes when people are around, I worry I am not going to have the right reaction. Like when someone gives me a birthday present and I hope my face looks how they wanted it to look when I open it. Not that I am comparing the birth of my daughter to a pair of socks. But that when it was just Sharon and me, my reaction could be sincere.

Any surprising things about the birth that you hadn't expected?
Sharon's water never broke and the amniotic sac actually came out in tact. It’s officially called an "en-caul" birth. It looked like a jellyfish was coming out! Then the nurse grabbed the sac and popped it with her hands. Immediately after that, I could see the very top of Ella’s head. She had long black hair and for a few minutes it looked like Sharon was going to give birth to a puppy. Sharon pushed some more, and I was relieved to see the face of a baby.

How did you feel right when the baby was born? Freaked? Tired? Happy? Nothing at first?
I felt hopeful. Like this little baby could be or do anything she wanted to be. I wanted to give her that. Like that horrible Creed song, "With Arms Wide Open!" haha. It was the first time I had ever felt instant love for anyone or anything. I was proud to be her father. I wanted to hold her. I had pretty much kept myself together until I saw Sharon holding Ella. I tried to say, "Look at my girls," but I couldn’t because I started to cry. I was so happy.

What moment do you remember most clearly when thinking back to that day?
There is a moment when the doctor was first holding her and I can still see her little face. She kept sticking out her tongue. I loved that she doing exactly what I had just been yelled at for by my wife. Sharon was even crazy enough to ask the doctor if there was something wrong with her tongue. Nope, nothing wrong he said. Ella just had a worm tongue like me.

If you could do it over, what would you have done differently?
Sharon was induced a week after her due date. We knew exactly when we were going to be admitted to the hospital. In preparation, we rented the movie Danny Deckchair to watch during the induction. Horrible choice that I still feel bad about. There must have been a better option in 2005. If Ella has horrible taste in movies, it's all our fault.

biggest cheeks ever. until Oscar was born. 
ella had brown hair for the first 6 months of her life. then it grew out in this amazing reverse ombre effect. creepy!  


  1. Happy Mother's/Father's Day:) Great post, Rob!:)

  2. i remember visiting you guys in the hospital. you must have been one of the last couples to give birth at kahuku hospital. ella was enchanting then and now.
    happy mothers day sharon!

  3. love this post, and the interview with your husband.

  4. Oh man, I totally enjoyed Rob's answers- his reaction to her birth is so beautiful! Back-in-time posts are always funny :)

  5. Loved this. I never would have guessed this was Ella.

  6. Loved this. I never would have guessed this was Ella.

  7. Awe! I loved his responses, so witty and real.

  8. Comic relief every time he writes, you bring the soul he brings the witt. Awesome

  9. Love the honesty ......

  10. This is so sweet! And how amazing that she was born in Hawaii? Now THAT will be a cool story when she's older (or at least, I'd find it cool...) xx

  11. Dude, Rob is the best. He always makes me crack up. I'm eating leftover spaghetti at my desk and I just shamelessly let it fall out of my mouth from laughter not once but TWICE as I read and reread that line about the Creed song. Also, is the ombre caption his? Love that he knows the word "ombre." Maybe from Wild Nails?

    Okay I swear I'm not a creepy fangirl :P Just a devoted reader!


    1. haha thanks. I'll let him know!!

      oh-and the captions. that was me! haha

    2. i meant that was me who wrote them ;)

  12. Well, dammit, he has me tearing up here reading about him crying. I'm such a softy. Loved his answers. Think I'm going to copy these and have my husband answer them, see what he comes up with.

    Have you asked him these about the second birth? I think it would be interesting to see.

  13. Oh, this is so sweet and hilarious! Made me teary-eyed and laugh out loud at the same time. This combined with Rob's selfie from the last post make me think he must be pretty entertaining to live with.

  14. This is one of the most sincere and hilarious interviews I have ever read. You should let Rob write more frequently to the blog. Just an idea :)
    Ella was such a happy chubby baby. And that thing with the hair changing happens all the time, but you are lucky that she didn't go the normal way from blonde to black :)


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