Get Out There: Open Mic Night

me. and another one of me. aka miss thang. 
When I was in second grade, I asked my crush if he wanted to race at the playground. I hoped it would get his attention. When he said yes, I was stoked. As the race started and I was gaining momentum, I tripped, and crashed my head onto a sewer lid. I got up quickly and he said, "Ew. There's blood dripping." I brushed off the dirt from my hands and knees and acted like it was no big deal. I still can feel the scar where the ER doctor put stitches on my scalp.

Then in high school, I wrote about the experience for a student literary magazine. I ended the piece with something like, "Now I'm about to graduate from high school and my love life hasn't changed since." The teachers creating the journal loved it and asked me to read it at the magazine's launch party.

While I was completely terrified, I loved hearing the reaction of the crowd as I read the last sentence.   Oh unrequited love. Always a hit. I don't remember if I got an award for the piece, but I remember the feeling of walking off stage. I want to do this again, I thought. However, I've never had the motivation. Until now.

The Go Mighty team approached me to create a summer goal to get out there for P&G's Summer Stunner Tour. I can't think of anything else that would get me out there more than to read at an open mic night. I found a venue in the East Village for poets, comedians, singers/musicans, and storytellers. I knew I would be fine when I read it's "a family style restaurant, so NO EXPLICIT LANGUAGE." haha

I'll probably develop something I've written here. Got any favorites? A few I was thinking . . .

Portrait of a Mother
Mother's Day Recap
My Awful Trip Home

If you want to see me, I took a 5 minute slot this Tuesday night, 6:30-11pm at Bareburger. It will truly be for the fun and terror of it all. I promise not to read a poem.

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  1. I did the SAME THING. Only I was 12, and on rollerblades. I still have the scars on my elbow.

    1. haha. just a couple of hopeless romantics.

  2. I loved reading your mother's day post this past year. It was really moving to me. I'm so excited for you!

  3. While your mother's day post was beautiful i feel like your subway story and the portrait of a mother story grabs the listener/reader more. Both do separate things though. One is funny and you want to fist pump and shout at the stupid stupid man/boy on the subway. The other is touching and even without having your photo (which by the way is stunning!) a person can relate to the feeling and image that you have created in the story. Any of them will be a great choice for your reading. What a great accomplishment for the start of summer! Shannon

  4. Sharon, you are brave!

    Definitely read Mother's Day Recap, that post made me tear up and I don't cry easily!

  5. you are so brave I can't imagine ever doing that! As for what you should read, each piece is super beautiful in its own way. Can you read three of them? hahaha

  6. Way to go! That's great. I know you'll be a hit!

  7. You'll do a great reading with any of them. Love your writing and your honest take on motherhood!

  8. Portrait of a Mother is one of my favorite pieces written... ever. I think of it often.

  9. Portrait of a Mother is one of my favorite pieces written... ever. I think of it often.

  10. My favorite is "My awful trip home", still cracks me up, especially with those beautiful pictures! So proud of you for doing this!

  11. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA. Tomorrow night? I'm calling my sitter in the morning. Can you narrow down the time a bit more than 6:30-11, or is it just a random time within those hours?

  12. Oh my gosh, Sharon, you are so brave! I love the awful trip home story and think it's juuuust the right amount of funny & sweet for an open mic. (PS I am so late to read this, you probably already picked your story for next week!) You're the coolest! - Liz

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