Say Yes to Cruises: How to Get the Most Out of a Cruise

I went on a cruise 10 years ago. In that time, I’ve formed an attitude that cruises aren’t for me with all the Vegas-like decor, over indulgent food options, and cheesy entertainment. My sisters recognized these same things, but refused to take it too seriously. They helped me realize there’s no other venue has the things found on a cruise. It’s a country and culture within itself, and the best way to experience it is to say yes to everything, especially the photographers.

To my surprise, cruises are filled with staff photographers ready to take glamour shots of every passenger. Anytime one of the photographers asked to take our photo, we said yes. In fact, my sisters and I took it a step further and acted flattered when they asked (as if it’s not their job). Us? Really! Why of course, oh my. That is so nice of you to ask! Where should we stand? Like this?

Every night we were delighted to see photo booths set up throughout the ship. I haven’t seen setups like these since my high school prom. The backdrops ranged from solid colors, to the streets of Paris, to a firework display, to a Roman cathedral. Some backgrounds definitely had us scratching our heads on how it related to our cruise, but we approached each one with vigor regardless.

Sometimes we followed exactly how the photographers wanted us to pose, "Ok, now place one finger on your cheek, turn towards me a little, yes, Perfect!" Other times, we took it upon ourselves to come up with our own poses. By the third day, all the passengers started catching onto the wonders of the photo booth and we had to start waiting in lines. As a group of spring breakers in bathing suits passed by, they couldn't help but join one of our last photo sessions. Bikini girl took a little convincing, but she eventually joined us.

The next day, we were like 14-year-old girls giggling as we saw our prints display in the center of the ship to purchase. It was hard narrowing it down to one photo, but here’s the one we couldn’t resist.

All kidding aside, I have never felt more confident in front of the camera my entire life. From here on out, whenever someone takes my picture I’m channeling my cruise confidence. Say cheese is right.


  1. i'm so so glad you three had so much fun. i've never been on a real cruise but now that i know all these fun happens, i'll definitely say yes if i ever get an opportunity. after, you are stuck in this country with these people for a bit, but then you'll never see them again, so, why not be another self? hahaha, you all look so cute!

  2. love this, welcome back!

  3. Going to a funeral?:)


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