Easter Weekend 2013: Obligatory Family Picture

As soon as I saw this picture I thought:
1. omg I look just look like my dad.
2. I love my family. I really do. But this could be the worst worst family picture ever.
3. I need bangs. Oscar style. He's always had great hair. 
4.  Sunglasses. asap.
After the jump, some of the best of my Instagrams so far this year.
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We never want this day to end! #carlylehotel
"Yoga time is NOT funny. It's not kind-of funny. Mom, can you tell Owen to stop laughing?" Oscar
We have absolutely no clean clothes in the house. Oscar, "I can't find anything to wear." Owen (annoyed), "Just put on a costume."
I'm in the worst mood today. Grateful for good friends and distractions. 
Owen: "Please let me have 4 whoopee cushions for my birthday. "
Me: "Why 4?"
Owen: "One for each couch cushion." 
March 31, 2013
Owen in red, "My bunny can do whatever he wants like say bad words. I have to buckle him up so he doesn't hop hop away."
Oscar in purple, "Mines already dead."


  1. Oh my God, the last one is the best! I snorted, ha!

  2. Your kids sound hilarious. You're doing a cracking job with them! :) x

  3. Love your jacket, where is it from? :)

    1. thanks! gap last fall. i looked but can't find it anywhere online :(

  4. "Just put on a costume!" I died a little after reading that one. Too much! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So funny! Thanks for making me audibly laugh at work. :) Oscar is totally right, yoga time is very serious! You are an awesome mom. I want to be just like you!

  6. Where's Ella's face? Oh yeah...it's hiding behind your hair:)
    "On the beat...":)

  7. I think you look great in that picture!

  8. gosh I love your critique. I wish I could say what I really think of myself and my photos out loud but it's too self loathing!

    1. hhaaha i would love to hear this actually.

  9. That last comment about the bunnies made me laugh out loud. I needed that. Thanks!


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