Best of the Upper West Side with Kids: The Tulips at the West Side Community Garden

The West Side Community Garden is one of my favorite hidden gems of the city. Every Novemeber volunteers plant over 10,000 tulips in what once was a trash-strewn 89,000 square foot vacant lot. Since the 1976, volunteer gardeners have been transforming the land into the gorgeous gathering place it is today.

I was shocked the first time I stumbled upon it. I had lived here around 6 months and was still trying to find my way around the neighborhood. I must have made a wrong turn. As I looked at all the varieties of tulips, I had a moment when I fell in love with the city. It's packed with surprises and unexpected wonders. To this day, I'm still am discovering new things. I suspect that's a big reason why I love it here. When I walk through this garden, I will always remember my first spring in NYC. It should not be missed. 
More pictures after the jump. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, but I didn't edit any of the pictures. Straight out of my camera . . . 


  1. No editing required! I love that space although I haven't been in that area in the Spring in a while.

    Happy bloomin' spring!


  2. Indeed! no edition needed! beautiful photos!!

  3. Crazy pretty flowers. Looks like a great day with your kids!

  4. Beautiful pictures, beautiful place, awesome blog :)


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