When to Hire a Good Babysitter: 3 Things I love about Amanda Marcum

I love finding any way to relate to a Maxim cover model . . .
3 things I love about the clip of Amanda Marcum watching her husband's huge game at the NCAA Championships:
1. The look she gives her son 33 seconds into the video.
2. The girl behind Marcum's family trying to ignore the disaster taking place below her.
3. The fact that Marcum's taking it on all by herself. How many times have you gone into an event alone saying, "Oh this will be fun for the kids to see!" And then regret it? I hope she hires a good babysitter for Sunday's game. Because if there's a few with her off camera, they are doing a horrible job!

Good luck to FGCU (my neck of woods)


  1. hahaa Poor thing, of coarse they happened to tape her during a meltdown! She's handling it better than I would.

  2. she looked surprisingly calm lol but firm. I'm not a parent but am nervous that I'd be to much of a wreck on the inside to enjoy anything but I guess that's what you do for your kids on an outing.

  3. I just saw this on Yahoo news, it mentions that the 2 year old is her only boy, so how the heck did she get stuck babysitting that older boy??

  4. She looks calm, collected and chic! I say she is doing a great job!

  5. they were so fun to watch! im a huge basketball fan both ncaa and nba (warriors!)
    that is incredible, you are from there? as a californian, never met so many people from the state of florida as in the recent few years, so far about 7 of my pals are from FL :)
    great blog, found you via cup of jo


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