Messy Easter Egg Decorating Idea And a Quitting Story

(the pictures have nothing do with the post. happy Easter!)
I'm looking forward to a weekend filled with Easter egg hunts (no rules!), melted chocolate on finger tips, and time with my family and friends. This week was rough. I quit my job and my teaching assignment at church. I'm ready to talk about my teaching assignment. Here's what happened (and more pictures of our eggs) . . .

I've been teaching the kids at church once a month for awhile now. Last Sunday, I was giving a lesson about the good characteristics of Jesus that are worth emulating, like being a peacemaker, meek, and pure in heart, etc. I wrote his good qualities on slips of paper and put them into plastic Easter eggs. I planned to do a modified Easter egg hunt with the 30 kids in the class (age range from 7-10). One person would hide the egg and another person would look for it.

Here's where I went wrong: I told all the kids to shout hot or cold depending where the egg seeker was in the room. Hot meant close to the egg, cold meant far. As I attempted to do this activity, I quickly lost control. Kids were shouting the wrong thing, people forgot where the egg was, the seeker looked confused, and a few of the kids weren't into it. I decided to scratch the hot or cold game and just pick a kid to open an egg. Then, we would discuss the characteristic with the group. I picked Ella. Despite all my efforts, the kids were rowdy as hell by this point.

As Ella opened the egg, the slip of paper inside said (like a fortune cookie): Show Mercy: Have love, compassion, and forgiveness towards your neighbor. Even with kids talking and goofing off, I still tried to read it over them. As I was reading, a kid in the front threw a plastic Easter egg at my foot. I was going to lose it. I laughed at the peace of paper I was holding. Show mercy? Ha! I walked out in the middle of the lesson saying to the other teachers, "I quit! That's it! Go to singing time or something." I found a person in charge and told them I feel bad for quitting because I wouldn't wish that job on anyone. It's awful in there! I then hid in a bathroom stall until church was over because I was too embarrassed to show my face.

I can't wait to see where all this quitting is going to take me! Right now I just see a lot of debt and soul searching in my future. But also a ton of happiness.
there's nothing better then turning pristine things into a beautiful mess.
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  1. In my last ward, a tiny backward one with a LOT of issues, I was made YW president...at age 23...with one do nothing counselor and 6 very wild teenage girls. There were so many times I lost control, felt nothing but loathing for everyone around me. By the end I was desperate to get out and often openly shirked my responsibilities. When I look back I think I did my best, but I wish I had the courage to ask to be released instead of trying to heap all the stress on myself and carry it all. This is all to say I totally get it. Sucks it had to end that way, but you'll prevail!

  2. I had a similar experience at the girl's teen program I help co-coordinate activities for. They were horrible and I was stressed so I just gave up and walked out (not too quietly either but no swearing). I felt awful and embarrassed but I went back the next week and it's been fine. My meltdown kind of guilt tripped them into behaving better.

    Anyway, here's to not a lot of debt and a whole lot of happiness!


  3. Concentrate on the happiness!!! Do not dwell on the negative. D

  4. I like reading your blog because you remind me of a real person and not an advertisement.
    Good luck with the quitting, I'm sure it will all work out.

    1. I so agree. Sharon, I'm sorry you had to deal with that stress, but we're rooting for you. It will all work out.

  5. can I please tell you how much I love your posts and pics because they are so real life, honest, and you make me smile at everyday life. Things happen for a reason--you'll look back at this time and say "wow! if this wouldn't have happened; THAT wouldn't have happened"and realize that everything works out the way it's supposed to in life. Enjoy the chocolate bunnies this weekend!

  6. Hello! I really Like what you’re doing on this blog. I’ve just recently started my own new york based blog with a more personal take. The blog documents the everyday happenings of our city. Everyone has a story and this is where they can come to share it. Check it out and let me know what you think, and maybe you could even submit your story?
    -Thank you & happy blogging!

  7. I like your quitting story. It's not an easy thing to do, to stop doing something that once made you happy but no longer does. It's oddly hard to admit, and even harder to take action on, at least that's what I've found, since I've been in the process of quitting something I once loved for a few years now. I have finally done it as well and feel totally liberated. I don't know exactly what the future holds or how I will be paying the bills a year from now, but I'm pretty sure it'll all work out. Right? ...


  8. This post makes me love you even more because it's so relatable. And one day when one of your own children is an adult and goes through something similar at least you can share a laugh over this because by then it will be funny. I hope you're feeling ok and try not to worry too much because something will work out, just keep writing since it obviously makes you happy. I wouldn't complain if I saw more ads on this blog so you could earn a little more revenue.

  9. I was just talking to someone about the melted crayon Easter eggs you made last year. I have a ton of crayon pieces that would be perfect for this project:)
    Hoppy Easter!:)

  10. I so sympathize! I'm a teacher , I've been wanting to quit on a regular basis, at least once a day!! Ah! It IS a hard job, and the mirror-effect is incredibly harsh. I wonder what I'd do if I actually quit... Soul searching, as you say!
    I love your posts btw, don't quit your blog please!

  11. Your story made me laugh! God for you, I would have quit too, your own kids drive you insane let alone other people's! Don't ever feel bad!

  12. I'm a big believer in that you have to do what's right for you. So, good for you for quitting teaching at church once a month, and for quitting Elizabeth Street (did I miss the post on why?). It's hard to trust in sometimes, but it'll all work out in the end. Nothing good ever comes without a leap of faith.

  13. Don't worry, our primary music leader walked out one day too b/c she'd had it with the kids being too rowdy. You want church to be an uplifting experience. It's clearly time to take a break and pass the torch on to someone else, and remember what it feels like to enjoy going to church.

  14. Interesting...do you only delete the comments you don't like?

    1. OF COURSE! It's her blog. She can do whatever the fuck she wants.

  15. i feel your pain. i am the music leader. i have been so close to walking out so many times. but it is true that the kids remember when i have lost it and the next week don't make a sound. lots of ups and downs with the primary. sometimes it is hard to remember why we even go to church. i am pretty excited that it is general conference next week and i DON'T have to prepare a lesson. woohoo!

    1. echo: i always think the singing teachers are the salt of the earth. teaching Every single week! seriously--you're the best! :)
      and i STILL you that little quilt you made hahahhahahaha. it might be time to let it go, but by this point, i just can't. :)

  16. oh my gosh! to be a fly on the wall during that episode!

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