The Satisficer's Way to Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Thank you so much for your encouragement yesterday. I'll very carefully post more details about my decision to move on from Elizabeth Street soon. 
this picture of the ny skyline will suffice
So many times I try to maximize my experience in NYC that I over complicate things unnecessarily. Take the Brooklyn Bridge. The best way to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is start in Brooklyn and walk into Manhattan (check out my post here- the boys were tiny.). The view is unreal, but it takes longer. By the end, my kids are always exhausted--even with scooters. Regardless, it's usually the only way I take people when they are visiting. It's the best.

But one of the nights my sister was visiting, it was getting late and I wanted to do something very NYC!NYC!NYC! before the day was over. So we took the 2/3 train to Chambers St. and walked east until we hit the Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked half way across towards Brooklyn and turned around. We still got a great view of the city without exhausting the kids.

I was hoping to catch the Wafels and Dinges Truck when we walked back into Manhattan, but it closed as we were picking out key chain souvenirs. So we ate at a Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts combo restaurant. We all made our orderes, with Owen stealing the show with his chocolate chip mint ice cream with gummy bears. Not exactly a quintessential NYC experience, but who's to say it isn't? Any satisficer would say it was an amazing evening. And I really couldn't disagree with them.


  1. Please don't post pictures of mint ice cream. It's my weakness, I'm trying to eat better and I'm at work so I really can't get any right now. I'm totally jealous of Owen. :x


    1. hahha and i'm sure the gummy bears are only making it worse!! :)

  2. I haven't had mint ice cream in YEARS. Definitely in need of some now. Sounds like a perfect NYC afternoon/ evening to me though :) x

  3. Uncle L once said he didn't like eating mint foods because he thought it was like eating tooth paste. hahaaa

    1. Hahaha...C's fav. ice-cream is green chocolate chip ice-cream like mom too:) Everytime he orders it, I think of her...now I'll think of tooth paste too...gross:)Hahaha:)

  4. This is a day late but I just wanted to say I am amazed at your courage and I wanted to tell you (at the risk of sounding completely cheesy) you really are an inspiration to me. I read all the comments and echo all the sentiments that it probably just wasn’t a right fit, good bad or indifferent. But you blog is such an inspiration to Mothers like me, trying to get back into the workforce and find our voice and trying to raise our kids in an extraordinary way.
    This summer my husband and I will be in NYC for 6 weeks with our 3 kids ages 10, 7 and 5, he’ll be working most of the time and it’ll be just me and the kids alone in the city. And while I am scared, reading your blog has given me not only courage but excitement and I feel like I can not only endure it, but kill it and show my kids the coolest cities in the world (NYC, Boston, Philly, and D.C.) So thank you, thank you for being amazing, authentic, honest, motherly, and wonderful.

  5. My fav. memory of the night was when I stole the kids' scooter and scooted away on the bridge with my right foot sticking out behind me...I felt so freeeeee:)...Hey,where's the cool pic?...just sayin':)

    1. hahha don't you worry. i have big plans for those pics!! :)

  6. Whoa. I'm way behind on your posts. Hope all is well and that you're adjusting swimmingly.

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