Instagram: My New Assignment at Elizabeth Street

Pier running in San Francisco
Even though Instagram is suddenly old news thanks to VINE (links to my short article), I've been asked to submit two photos a day on Elizabeth Street's Instagram feed. It's been fun going through my iPhone photos and selecting images that fit with their brand. Especially the ones I took before Instagram was invented. I finally get to put those images to use!

Here's some of the images I've already posted on their feed and some sneak peeks I'm planning to post next week. Oh! FYI: I'm reserving my current images for my Instagram feed (sharonbeesley) and my other photos for Elizabeth Street (ElizabethStMom).

Fanta Cheers from Mexico! That's Ella with her short haircut. I hated brushing her hair when she was three. 
Our weekend at my friend's house/mansion in New Jersey. 
Saving this picture for Valentine's Day :) Thanks Mike G for taking this pic.
Sneak peeks and ones I've used after the jump. 

Apparently the anti-aging cream is working. They look great for 55 years old. (posted this last week)
One of my favorite pictures of my kids of all time, I'm always trying to find an excuse to use it. Posted this one today. 
One of the boys when they were modeling for Angel Dear. Posting this one next week. 
Ice cream sundae for dinner at a diner. I'll post it this week.
Bowling: Our favorite winter sport! Recycled from this old post. 
Another recycled picture from this post. I'll post this next week.
From the old days in San Francisco at the De Young Museum. 


  1. those are stunningly beautiful photos!!

  2. Lol I love that you caption the baby picture as "one of the boys." It has to be so hard to differentiate. My mom will get my sister and I confused in pictures and we're 18 months apart!

  3. Your kids are seriously so so cute. I love the picture of your boys playing chess, it's beautiful (as are they all, actually....)

  4. Sharon! The photo of your kids running in the pier reminds me a lot of the book cover for "Never Let Me Go" (Movie Tie-In Edition) by Kazuo Ishiguro. You should check it out!

  5. I'm not a mom, but for some reason I feel I really relate to your blog. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous and you always have something great to say. I love your blog- so thank you.

  6. Ok, you made me want to get serious with my Instagram again!

    My favorite is the diner pic - it looks so old fashioned! Plus, I am a huge B & W junkie!



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