Day Off: Gone Fishing

i see you owen.
Here's some of my posts from Elizabeth Street you might have missed:

The Best Landscape Instagram Pics Inspiration to pull my camera away from my darling precious angels once in my life and take a picture of a damn sunset.
10 Colorful Pinners You Need to Follow Color-coded boards: love it or over it?
The Bullies of Books haha just kidding ;)
Lovey Dovey Table Top Decor Who says hearts, arrows, and love notes need to be limited to Valentine’s Day? I'm STILL regretting not picking out a heart shape diamond engagement ring. Please tell me someone reading this has one.
8 Tips for Arranging Grocery Store Flowers . This one was lost after Sandy, but it's back up!
5 Personal Finance Tips from expert financial advisor Theresa C. Wan. Because I should never ever ever ever dish out money advice. Ignore me if I start.
Bebe Day By Day Book Party omg this post was edited to death, but the photos are mine! ha


  1. I have a heart shaped engagement ring... Lol I was about 20 when I got engaged and I saw it and that was it. I still get a lot of compliments on it (and every once in a while raised eyebrows. Lol)

  2. Disregard all the lols, I'm clearly sleep deprived


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