Training In 2013: Wearing Old Navy Again

When I first started running, I had no clue what to wear.  I knew the most important thing was to just get out there, but I wanted to look the part! I spent a lot of time observing runners last year, and I've since tweaked my style. I showed you what I wore 2012, here's what I picked up for 2013.
All this for $50!!! Great stuff, too!
Here's my thoughts on my new clothes:

*NEW SPORTS BRA: Say good bye to the sweet heart neckline. I'm loving Old Navy's scoop neck sports bra. It's tight, but holds everything in place! 

*SHORT SHORTS: I've moved on from biker shorts to running shorts. Basically because running shorts make me feel like I'm someone who runs 9 minute miles. Old Navy's shorts are not different. I especially like the interior pocket. The secret to stop letting it ride up between my thighs is to either wear my biker shorts under or use Bodyglide

*COLOR CHOICE: NYorkers tend to wear a lot of dark colors no matter if it's to work or to dinner or to exercise. It's taken a few years of brain washing, but I've slowly started to change my ways. Even my running socks are now black! Maybe it's completely practical because I don't own a washing machine. Black helps keep things looking less sweaty and grimmy. I've been known to wear my sports bras twice or three times before washing. Old Navy's clothes always hold up to my abuse.

*STAYING WARM: Hand wholes in the jacket! Very Cool.

What are your wearing at the gym this year?

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at oldnavy.com #GetYourActiveON


  1. My favorite running jacket has those little thumb holes as well. Something so super-hero about it, though it's also very practical in cold weather. Black running socks, huh? I actually got a bunch of crazy neon turquoise and lime green ones to go with my fun Mizunos:


    I tend to be more conservative with color in my 'real life', but when I run I kind of want to pretend I'm the flash or something. Even if I'm being lapped by a bunch of old men, ha!

    1. haha "Even if I'm being lapped by a bunch of old men!" haha so true for me too!!

    2. He he... Embarrassing but also oddly motivating. If those guys are doing so well at 70, there might still be some hope for us!


  2. So...in the winter you wear running shorts? I know it hasn't hit really really cold there "yet" but I need something on my legs even in the 30's! I am going to check out Old Navy this weekend! I am in MN and wear 2 layers on my bottom half and up to four on the top half!

    1. haha yeah--i'm a baby. i run on the treadmill in the winter.

    2. I just had to comment on the "even in the 30's" part: I am such a wuss! I have to wear pants if it's in the 50's, brrr!

      I do love that jacket with the thumb holes - and such a good price! I think i need it!

  3. cute! definitely in need of new work out gear, so thanks for posting!
    now following..XO chaseandem.blogspot.com

  4. Cute new header. Sider? Ha! Well, whatever, it's cute.

  5. A tip for the sports bra! When I lived in NYC and took up running, I'd take my sports bra with me into my post-run shower. Not wear it, but just rinse and hang to dry so I could wear it more often without feeling totally gnarly.

  6. My running socks have always been black. The only exception was when I was a part of a group and one of the requirements was that we wear another color. I always like wearing black socks. They make my feet feel warmer in cooler weather and they match better with my sneakers- which are usually black as well.

    However when it comes to the rest of my running outfit. I will branch out into other colors, such as blue, purple, orange and red.


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