The Night Before Christmas: Matching Sleepwear 2012

The tradition continues. It's something the kids and I look forward to every year. They all opened their jammies and ran to their room to put them on. Ella helped with the tags and packaging for the boys. They came out so proud. I cannot wait for it to turn into one of those traditions they protest. I'm around 5 years from this argument: Again? Oh, hell no. We will not wear these mom. Ok, I will wear them, but NO PICTURES. This is the last year! But it won't be hahahaha. I might even extend this tradition to Valentine's Day.
I decided to go with Santa themed jammies this year. I know they are not as refined as last year's J.Crew jammies, but I have a sneaking suspicion this is Ella's last year believing. I wanted to go out with a bang. I found them for $8 online at Crazy 8. Most sizes were already sold out in November. Buy them early if you want to get them next year. Hanna Andersson sells a version of this sleepwear, too. I'm tempted to buy these elf ones next year. We're due for a green set of pj's.
More pictures of my sweet perfect little darlings after the jump. Sadly this isn't the first time I've captured Ella getting kicked in the face.


  1. Adorable! Their faces crack me up!

  2. Well, I'm pretty impressed that living with two boys for all these years and you just now captured her getting kicked in the face. I'm glad she's smiling :)

  3. My parents still do this for us, and I'm 25 and didn't even sleep at their house on Christmas eve this year. I remember protesting in my teens but now I look back on it as one of my favorite traditions.

    Your kids look so cute!

  4. Happy New Year to you!

    I love that they are in their meditating poses. Ella looks like a pro!

    Ommmmmmmmmm......like my tattoo!


  5. I love those Santa PJs. What a fun tradition. Hope you're doing well :-)

  6. Americans have such amazing Christmas/Holiday traditions.

    I've lived in the US in the past and I miss it so bad.

    Your kids are lovely but I really don't get how you manage 3!

    I love your blog, have found about it via Cup of Jo and have been following ever since.

    As I said I have lived in the US (in Larchmont - Westchester) and your blog bring me sweet memories of my time there.

    Hope 2013 is good to you =]

    XOXO, Leticia

  7. fantastic!the best pj' s! Happy New year!

  8. My momma still gets me and my siblings pjs, and I'm 30 (and I love it!). They only sooometimes all match though. And there are always pictures, haha.

  9. The Dala horse always brings our babes matching Hanna Anderssons. I love those.

  10. I love Oscar(?)in the first picture. He is so in the moment!:-D Sweet tradition.

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