Shoe Sale Alert: Swedish Hasbeens

These Swedish Hasbeens are only $68 from Saks. Marked down from $230! Sizes are extremely limited so act fast. I just bought a pair for a cruise I'm going on with my sisters in April. I know it's the middle of winter and the thought of buying sandals seems crazy, but I had to. They arrived (size 10 of course) and feel amazing! Everything they say about this brand is true. I plan on wearing these to death come spring and summer. For now, I'll just have to admire them from a distance as I walk around in my snow boots and dream of warmer than 12 degree weather.


  1. They look fantastic and they seem to be comfortable. I think it is what I need for spring or the hot greek weather.

  2. I can't wait to see you and your boats:)

  3. I just love these! Thanks for letting us know! My size is sold out but I plan on stalking Saks for a while now : )

  4. You are awesome for sharing this--I was able to snag a pair in pink! I've been wanting to try them for ages but always balked at the price!


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