My Marathon Training Uniform: Old Navy's Active Wear

Last year, as soon as I signed up to run the NYC Marathon, I bought two bubble tanks, one sports bra, and two compression shorts from Old Navy's Active line. For months, I trained exclusively in ON clothing unknowingly I would later get a chance to review their products for a sponsored post. As soon as the opportunity came up, I jumped on it. I can't think of more authentic sponsor. Here's what I bought and my thoughts of each product after running in them for hours and hours:

1. The Bubble Tank $16.94: Loved this top because it was lose and airy. It was my go-to tank for my long runs in the blistering hot summer. Amazing! It first caught my eye because of the great price and it reminded me on the one Dara Torres wore when I worked out with her. After I tried it on, I bought it because it looked great. I really wanted a tank top, but didn't want one that was tight on my gut. The bubble gives me a slimming effect on my torso. Can't beat that.
2. Women's Padded Sports Bra $9.97 This sports bra is great and did it's job. I'm pretty small chested, so I'm an easy costumer when it comes to sports bras. FYI I took out the removable padding as soon as I bought it because it felt unnecessary. My only criticism with the bra is the seam in the middle of the sweetheart neckline. I circled it in yellow. The seam didn't bother me on my short runs, but on my first two hour run, it chafed me a little on my chest. For my next long run, I applied a small amount of Bodyglide to that area of my chest and it solved the problem. Just giving you the heads up! That's the only seam on the bra that gave me trouble.
3. Women's Active Compression Bermudas $10 I bought these because I didn't want to deal with running shorts bunching up between my thighs. These shorts solved that problem. I could run for hours without having to adjust anything. On my two hour plus runs I noticed a small chafe forming the seam in the my middle of lower back. Again, Bodyglide solved it on my next long run. I loved the small pocket in the back. It was just enough for me to store my key and some cash.

Hope my review helps! Overall, the clothes held up to all my runs. I'm still wearing everything today, even the sports bra. Everything has kept it shape and looks good.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at oldnavy.com #GetYourActiveON


  1. Glad to see this review--one of my friends was telling me that Old Navy had lured in someone from Lululemon and was using a lot of their ideas in the ON workout gear. I really like the Bubble Tank a lot!

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