ABC Home Hosts the Real Santa Again

Happy NEW YEAR. Anyone totally bored of the holiday season?!!?!? It may be the first day January, the day when most people put every speck of tinsel, garland, and cheer away, but I'm not through with the holidays yet beotches. I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards. I'll get to it. For now, check out 43 (more or less) pictures of my kids with the real Santa after the jump. Or see last year's pictures here.

It was 2:30pm when we went to see Santa. The worst time of the day for kids. They were so tired!
Even though it was the Saturday before Christmas, the line was so short at ABC Carpet and Home. We walked right up to Santa, took a few pictures, and said goodbye. The whole process took 5 minutes. My kids barely woke up from their naps before it was over.  Rob and I were shocked how seamless the whole event went.  
The best lollipops! 


  1. what a great santa/ that suit would not be near as scary to a kid as the flaming red ones they wear. totally with you. goodbye holidays; hello new days.

  2. I love the ABC Carpet Santa! I kept meaning to take the kids this year, it never happened. Five minutes is an awesome time. Last time we went it was a close to two-hour wait. I never sent out my Christmas cards either, Christmas cookies were baked late on Christmas day... yeah, I dropped the ball this year.


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