Part Five: Owen's Gumption at The Children's Museum of The Arts

Ella's blue robots, Oscar's white horses, and Owen's creature. 
As soon as we enter Children's Museum of the Arts, we put our names on the Clay Bar sign-up sheet. It's my kids favorite thing to do in the whole world. Last week as class started, Owen climbed on the stool and proclaimed, "I'm an artist," and confidently made something mysterious and wonderful. Oscar and Ella, on the other hand, diligently followed all of the teacher's instructions. Their sculptures were really cute. I was impressed that they could do everything the artist suggested.  When the thirty minutes were up, each kid got to bring home two sculptures, one of theirs and the other is the instructor's example. Owen only wanted his own creation.

I have to admit, I'm jealous of Owen. I relate so much to Ella and Oscar when it comes to instructions, rules and boundaries.  I can't wait to see where all this independence takes him. See other examples of Owen doing his own thang at church, at home, on the streets, and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. I'm looking forward to adding to this series.   
Owen's creation from the front.
And the back.
More eyeballs please.
Here's another post I did about the Children's Museum of the Arts. We love it there! 

Also, Elizabeth Street is hosting this fabulous giveaway: A $500 shopping spree to Stella McCartney Kids. Enter here! 


  1. it's great that owen is so unabashed and uninhibited about being different! hopefully that stays the same as he grows up!

  2. I adore Oscar's white horses!!! Haha. I think it's really really lovely that you take them to places like this! I wish my Mom would have done that!

  3. That sounds so fun! There must be an art to giving those directions.

  4. owen rocks. i was friends with a boy like owen when i was little. he grew up to be one of the best people i know. those are some awesome kids. :)

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