Flashback: The Joys of Parenting 2-Year-Old Twins

This is the computer my boys loved to flick the buttons off the keyboard.  The sound of giggles, high fives, jumping, and whatever else 2-year-olds do when they're experiencing pure joy could be heard as they slowly destroyed one of my favorite things I owned. It took about a year to get it to this point. We didn't own a TV, so this was the only way for them to watch shows. As soon as Dora became the slightest bit boring, they found a way to keep entertained.

What good are the letters ZXCVB anyway? Shift/Control/Alt keys? Totally useless!

I kept using that poor keyboard for over a year. With the right amount of pressure, it worked just fine. I earnestly kept all the buttons in a ziplock bag with the hopes of getting it fixed someday. I never did.  I eventually got a new computer and their fascination with popping buttons off it ceased. I'm happy to say I'm writing this on a completely intact keyboard. My screen is cracked (twice!), but that was my fault. I think.

I couldn't help but be reminded of my old computer as I eavesdropped into a conversation the other day. This young guy (around 21) was confessing to another person about the time he lost his dad's watch. It happened last year in a snow storm. He still hasn't told his father because he feels awful. I wanted to chime in and be like, "In the last 20 years, you've already worn down your dad enough. I'm sure by this point, he's completely lost the ability to be attached to any material position he lets you use or be within a 15 foot radius of. I assure you, he won't care." But instead, I kept my mouth shut and let this guy feel soooo guilty for losing his dad's watch.  His dad would be giggling, high fiving, and jumping if he knew what I've done. 
Owen showing Ella the proper flicking technique. 


  1. I seriously was a bit confused by how small Ella looks in these pictures :D I remember painting our tv screen with a sharpie when I was 3 or 4. It was so much fun. Didn't understand why Dad was screaming like a crazy person when he found me.

  2. I was giggling at the thought of the joy on those kiddos faces with every flick of a button! My husband was tossing me the remote one time and it missed my hands (bad throw) and hit my keyboard and the H went flying...we died laughing for a couple minutes! I guess the joy of popping letters off keyboards never dies. My name went from Sarah to Sara...unless (like you said) the right amount of pressure is applied :)

  3. Ugh, J is at this stage right now. Thank goodness I married a computer guy!

  4. Hahaha, poor guy and his dad's watch! But I think you're right. As a child, I broke many things and I think parents do learn to let go early or if not, they'll go crazy.

  5. ohmygosh reading this i realised that has never happened to me with my kids.... but as i was reading it, i was trying hard to knock the letters off my mac...maybe the true 2 year old is the Mom?


  6. This post was the best! I am writing on a laptop that's keyboard looks just like yours! My almost 2 year old twins had a hay day with it a couple months ago. I still have all the pieces too! :)


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