Capturing Christmas Day

Ella, Rob, and teacups through the lens of a disposable camera. Disneyland '08 
I've decided to buy my kids disposable cameras to use on Christmas day. I was so happy to find this three pack. I realize disposable camera are one of those tired ideas from 90's weddings, but my kids don't know that! Hooray for film and youth. I can't wait to see how they want to remember Christmas 2012.

I hope my boys are thoughtful with their pictures. My friend Joanna got them disposable cameras for their birthday a few months ago. I haven't developed the film yet, but from what I saw, their photos aren't going to be anything profound. I think Oscar took five pictures of his hand without a flash in a restaurant, followed by one of Owen's eye with the flash on. Brilliant. I tried to explain how it works, but whatever. That's what he thought was picture worthy. The potential for something great is within these cameras, so I'm going for it again. Profound or lame, if I ever develop the film, I'll post the pictures here.

As for me, I'll take photographer Keith Pitts suggestion and make sure I start the night before. I always forget to take pictures of Santa’s cookies, my children sleeping, and the stockings hanging. Taking those three pictures would add so much to the story of the holiday. I'll have to see how the night goes, but I hope I can muster up the energy to capture it right. Mainly because this could be the last year all my kids are believers. Ella is in 2nd grade. This is the end, right?

Read more of Keith's Christmas Day tips here.

After the jump, two more pictures for our trip to Disneyland. I'm not putting them on my main page because I look terrible! ha Plus a round up of the best disposable camera pictures from around the web after the jump. Including one of someone's hand!

the trip was so spontaneous. we decided while driving around one Friday afternoon to keep heading south to LA. we had to stop at an LA Target for diapers and other essentials for the weekend. While at the store, I also bought that horrible horrible sweatshirt thing I'm wearing. I don't think I ever wore it again! haha
And now for some of my favorite disposable pictures from around the web:
Above three shots from the Disposable Camera Tumblr
Above two shots from Gizmodo's Disposable Camera challenge. 


  1. How incredible. A disposable camera took that tea cup photo? That's amazing. I'll have to get some.

  2. I think I need to get to the store and pick up three for their stockings! Great idea! Thanks!

    Also, Jake is 10 1/2 and still believes!!!! Shhhhh..... He is such an innocent kid. Either that or a great actor who thinks he gets more presents if he still believes in Santa! Ha!

  3. I teach 5th graders who all still believe. Don't worry, you got a couple years left!

  4. I love that you did a spontaneous trip to LA (from SF??) with a toddler and twin babes! You guys are awesome.

  5. I remember these cameras and using them while vacationing to Disney haha. Boy they sure were fun but also awful ;)

  6. Tip for extending the Santa magic - when my son was tipping over to a non-believer we managed to stretch out one more year by popping two things in his stockings I always said NOOOOOOOOO to - a bottle of coca cola and a stick of hubba bubba chewing gum!!!!!!!!! He came out that morning strutting with his stocking saying 'there is no way you're Santa - as if you'd let me have THIS!!!!!!' He was in heaven and we were too - until the teenager across the road set his straight a few days later little toad!

  7. Other great pictures to capture: Our house was 2 stories growing up so our parents would always make my sister and I sit at the top of the stairs in anticipation of running down them to see what was left for us under the tree. You can just feel the excitement looking back at those pictures! Then, before we were allowed down the stairs, my mom would go to the living room with the tree in it and stand there with camera in hand waiting to capture the expression on our faces when we FINALLY saw all the presents. Those sets of pictures are so priceless!

    Maybe there is a place in your apartment to capture the similar anticipation pictures without being at the top of the stairs!

    Oh the excitement! Good luck!


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