Breaking Tradition: Buying a Christmas ONLINE

This year I broke tradition. I ordered my Christmas tree online from Tyler's Trees.  It took me around a minute to order and schedule a delivery. That night a beautiful, real Christmas tree was delivered to my apartment. They did everything, even bringing a stand and a tree skirt! 

While we waited for the delivery, my kids put on Christmas music and arranged a spot for the tree. The anticipation of it's arrival was intense. We speculated what it was going to look like, it's size and it's color. We couldn't wait to meet our tree! As soon as we buzzed Tyler's Tree it into my building, my kids cheered and ran to the hallway to greet our tree at the elevator. As the door opened, my kids eyes widened. They were speechless. It was humongous. We've never had one this big. This is really our Christmas tree?! 

Once he set it up, Tyler suggested we wait a day to decorate it, but we couldn't resist throwing tons of tinsel at it. I thought the retro decoration was a good choice for a modern-online-Christmas-tree-family like ourselves. Just trying to keep balanced! 

While they worked hard to put the tree up . . . 
we did some gangnam style dancing of course. goes great with Christmas carols. 
next week i'll show the tree after I got my hands on it!! 
Since my experience this year was so different from years past, I was curious to find out how everyone was getting their Christmas tree into their house this year. I loved learning how families chopp it down themselves, and others are going to corner lot, and some (gasp!) are going fake. I gathered some of my favorite stories in a post I wrote for Elizabeth Street here.


  1. Our tree is FAKE! The box advertises it as a "Miracle Tree" and it really is. 3 pieces! Every year the branches spring out -- this is the miracle? -- and no needles fall off into our carpet. Amazing! Love it! PS -- love your tinsel too. So fun!

  2. Ordering Christmas trees online? Brilliant, especially if you don't have a car! I have been known to carry tiny trees in my granny cart. Despite my love for real trees, my allergies won over this year. We built a tree out of wood scraps from our basement!

  3. Wow, I think that is a brilliant idea! Especially since picking the right one in the woods takes my family ages and often leads to a big discussion, haha! And a good size it is, and how nice that they set it up for you!!

  4. Awww...the smell of a real tree:)I don't like storing a fake one...I'm afraid of spiders and roaches hanging out in it &...I don't have room to store one:) It is so much fun picking out our real tree each year. I would love to go out to pick one up north but we just go around the corner and buy one at the store each year.
    I love your real tree:) Merry Christmas:)

  5. it's so cuuuute how excited the kids are! i love that they waited by the elevator.

  6. I wish we could do this here since we have no car we are treeless as I am sure they frown on them being taken on the bus!

  7. easter grass as decoration? awesome idea!

    and it's so heartwarming to see children excited about the tree itself before they realize all of the goodies that will be under it.

  8. Your story is so sweet! An online tree sounds like an awesome idea really. Especially when everyone is excited waiting for it's arrival. Merry Christmas Sharon!

  9. I have never in my 30 years of life had a real tree. I will one day...I'll add it to my realistic bucket list now. Is the smell not overwhelming? I guess it depends on what type you get? Mom always said they were too messy, and 7 years ago I got a pre-lit, 6' fake for less than $20 at Walgreens on black Friday. I love her. :)

  10. I think that's such a cute way to get your tree :) And must make it so much easier, especially in the city! And your kids are so excited - adorable!

    I have to ask though, was this post sponsored? Just because of all the links to Tyler's Trees. No hate if it was! :)

    1. haha i can see how it would look like a sponsored post, but Tyler is a friend of a friend of ours.

  11. I also ordered one online after my husband carried a 7 foot tree 10 blocks to our apartment last yea. I went with greenvalleychristmastrees.com. You pick the date and they harvest and ship the tree on that day. It arrives via Fed Ex and you can just put the tree in the stand before you take it out of the box. Piece of cake! (And not expensive!)

  12. I thought of ordering one out a Plum District thing a few weeks ago, but I thought my husband would frown upon the idea, so I nixed it. I did mention it to him a few days later and he asked why hadn't I ordered it, it would've saved him carrying the heavy thing throughout the subway and then on our long-ish walk home. Now I know for next year. So convenient.

  13. Huh, that hyperlinked automatically.


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