Hurricane Sandy: Ways to Help

Since Sandy hit, blood banks are down 6,000+. I decided to donate yesterday to the New York Blood Center. The last time I donated blood was in high school, so I thought it was high time to do it again. If you're planning on going here was my experience.

*It took over 2 hours. I set an appointment at 2:15pm, but got there super early (just in case) at 1:45pm to fill out paper work. I didn't walk out until 4pm. The line was super long and they didn't have enough people working to keep up. The appointment was totally unnecessary because I didn't get to move ahead of the walk-ins. Basically, everyone was a walk-in and we were treated first come first serve. In that respect, it was a frustrating experience.  The people working at the blood drive, however, were extremely friendly and tried their best to get to everyone through in a timely manner.  While the wait was annoying, it was worth it for the greater good.

*Drink up. I made sure I ate lunch before I donated. I also chugged two bottles of water throughout the morning. When it was over I drank cranberry juice and ate four Oreo cookies. I felt great and luckily I didn't have any bad side effects. The woman in the white shirt in the picture is passed out! 

*Pump it out! I forgot pumping my hand into a tight fist helped speed things along. My husband Rob understood this concept well and finished way before me. I've already challenged him to another blood donating race. 

I have to give a shout out to Ella for being so good all day! What a boring day for a kid. She's sitting on the window sill in the far left of the picture. I'm so lucky to have her. 

For blood drives in New York click here.  For everywhere else in the US, click here. 

To review: If you're looking for ways to help, here's a few simple options:
1. Just show up 
2. Donate blood.
3. Donate money


  1. What good examples you guys are for her! Do they tell you what your blood type is?

  2. Thanks so much for providing these resources, Sharon! I love that you're posting so much about what's really going on in the city and ways for people to help. My sister's in-laws live in Breezy Point, and the rest of my family is on Long Island. I feel so helpless up here (two hours north of the city), but blood donation is an excellent idea. My husband and I also donated two bags of clothes, towels, and blankets earlier this week.

    You're an inspiration! It must have been incredibly difficult spending the day cleaning up in Staten Island; I can only imagine.

  3. You are lucky she was ok with hanging out there, at 27 I could barely look at the picture since I am so freaked out by blood!!

  4. I used to give at my husband's work every 8 weeks or so and I thought it was so funny that all the men he worked with would race like it made them more manly to donate faster than each other. They would get it down to like 4 minutes!

  5. Hello,
    I am reading from the UK and you are a highlight in my Autumn. Thank you.
    It's a really wonderful read.
    No pressure!!



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