Burying the Past

Quick! I have to bury that gross picture of my blood from yesterday. Here's some shots of Central Park from this morning. An abundance of beauty!

There. That should do it. No, one more. A large vertical one. Takes up more space. 
Much better.
Don't scroll down any further. 


  1. bahhahah! I loved the blood pictures! I love the snowy ones too!

  2. Vertical, and I love them all! It cracks me up, our benefits dept (ie: the ones that set up blood drives) are all too squeamish to donate. It's never occurred to me to be afraid of blood or needles for some reason. (That makes me sound like my life is Trainspotting, but you know what I mean!)

  3. Coming from a girl who's winters are a constant 70 degrees, this is bliss. (:


  4. Beautiful. Takes the edge off the blood...

  5. I am so jealous! I've been trying to be grateful for our wonderful CA weather, but my heart is longing for a beautiful snow fall.

  6. This was funny and pretty! I am always out taking tons of pictures when it snows even though I know living so far north it will happen again and again but I just never get tired of how peaceful it makes the world feel.


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