5 Thanksgiving Day Activities for Kids

photo outtake from my old Pancake Insanity post. 
My kids love to help me in the kitchen. As soon as they hear me getting out cooking supplies, they ask, “What are you making? Can I help? I’ll stir! Please?” In the past, mom guilt has always made me say yes. I know the benefits of cooking with my kids. It has such potential as a time to chat and learn together. It just never ends up that way for me. I always end up stressed out.

Take last week, for example. I was making chocolate chip cookies (not these chocolate chip cookies of course) with my son Oscar. He asked if he could stir the dry ingredients. “Sure!” I said. A perfect age appropriate activity for him, I thought. I turned for a second to get the eggs out of the fridge, and when I returned, Oscar’s shoe was off and he was on his way to putting it in the flour mixture.

 “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I asked, expecting him to respond with, "Gives it a little kick". But instead, with tears in in eyes, he told me he accidentally spilled some flour on his shoe and he was putting it back in the bowl. He didn't want to waste it. “Ugh. Fine." I said, "I’ll finish up. Just go." And that’s how the great bonding and learning moment ended.

Did I handle the situation perfectly? No. Could it have been a bounding moment? Yes. I admit I wasn't at my best. He ended up walking out of the room sulking while I finished the cookies in solitude and bliss! The cookies turned out amazing, I might add. And after one bite, he seemed to move on. Although I'm sure I scarred his tender soul for life.

So it was with great delight that I wrote this list of jobs to assign each kid on Thanksgiving. I suggest 5 specific and fun responsibilities for kids while you and other adults prepare the best Thanksgiving Day meal ever.  Enjoy!


  1. Not sure the list of kid activities is linked correctly.

  2. I' m sure your son isn't scarred, haha. I love the list, great ideas!

  3. Hi--I like your 5 ideas, but I have to disagree about not including cooking skills in the list. Even young kids can help peel and chop if you give them the right tools and show them how to do it. Even if you just have your 5 year old try to peel just 1 sweet potato, for example. They can also stir, dump, pour, etc. The more kids are involved in their food preparation, the better. They will also be more likely to try something new if they helped prepare it. I know it's a big hassle to include kids sometimes, but it's worth it sometimes.

    Next time you make chocolate chip cookies, give Oscar a separate bowl and some eggs. Show him how to crack the egg, and then let him try a new one. If there are shells all over the place, just dump the bowl and try again. My son loves cracking the eggs into cookies.

    Just a thought!

  4. !i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets stressed out cooking with her kids! i've gotten a little better with it over the years by changing my expectations... but i still LOVE the process of cooking by myself. =)

    have a great weekend!

  5. These ideas seem genius to me Sharon! Although I have no kids yet, I can understand how you feel when you cook by yourself, as for me it is a (rare) time that flies away, putting passion in, making everything with love and taking my time to experiment.

  6. Friday Afternoon, I get my two kids home, and my 2 y.o. daughter asks to make choc chip cookies. I would have said no (I have a love hate - mostly hate - relationship with baking, and its Friday and I'm tired etc).
    BUT, I had just read your post while waiting in the pick up line. I thought, Eh - it must be fate, and said "sure."
    We had the best time! I made sure to not freak out when she splattered dough everywhere, and I even let her crack the eggs. You helped me be in the right frame of mind.
    Then an old song came on and I had a Huge sentimental moment, missing someone and thinking how things were, and I just ended up kissing my girl and feeling so glad for the moment.
    The cookies are about done - I better not burn them. Anyways --
    Thank you!! xoxo

  7. Sounds a lot like cooking at my house. I've learned to only let my kids help with things where amounts are very fudgable, since they sometimes dump half of the measuring cup on the counter instead of in the bowl. I often lack a lot of grace in these situations. In fact, I'm having trouble thinking of a moment where I DID handle a cooking mishap well...

  8. This story with you and Oscar making cookies is "Priceless"!! D

  9. This so much reminds me of my situation with my little boys lol... I get stresses myself when they take over my kitchen when i am baking. i always end up screatching in the end

  10. I just love your honesty, Sharon! I don't have kids, but I'm preeetty sure we'd have a lot in common. :)

    My mom wouldn't let me in the kitchen with her (the few times I did get in, it ended with screaming (her) and crying (me)). Anyway, I do resent it now, because at 30 years old, I'm STILL uncomfortable being in the kitchen.

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