Sunshine In My Soul Today

As more news of Hurricane Sandy starts pouring in, the stupider I feel about running around in my boots yesterday.  Sorry for being insensitive.

For those of you who have been affected by the hurricane, here's something to add a little sunshine to your day. My kids participated in a sing-a-long last week and "rocked out in mormonland" with the uber talented musician Mark Abernathy. The first song is Put Your Should to The Wheel (We all have work! Let no one shirk!) and next is the classic song There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today. Every time I listen to it, I smile.  I hope you do, too!

 Black and White Photo Credit: Mark Abernathy (photo taken during singing practice)


  1. You are just the best and I love your blog! Happy Halloween.

  2. Mormonland? Seriously?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. no, not serious, more tongue in cheek. during the program that's how mark, the music director, described us. i thought the phrase was ridiculous and couldn't resist repeating.

    3. I'm not Mormon, but I'm not sure why "Mormonland" would be questioned? I thought it was funny, and didn't see anything scandalous about it...

  3. I don't see any problem with your boot post. Glad you and all my friends are utilizing the silverlining during the hurricane!

  4. You know, this is why I love your blog. You are just so real. You say what you think, and you sometimes may not say everything perfectly. Your boot post didn't bother me, but I live on the other side of the country. :) Happy Halloween! (Well, I guess it is 12:30... so happy Día de los Muertos!)

  5. I honestly liked your boot post, I have moved to somewhere with crappy weather from nice sunny California and it was interesting to me to find out about some good boots that were actually used in crappy weather!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I appreciate your honesty in all your posts, and I don't think you were out of line. We can't all be doom and gloom all the time. We've all lucked out and been unscathed before, and we've all had tragedies in our lifetime. Focusing on the positive side of things does not make you insensitive or a bad person.

  8. I don't understand why readers are judging your post about your day on your personal blog. You have nothing to apologize for.

  9. Emotions are running high in NYC, if your blog comments are an indication.
    I did not think that your boot blog post was insensitive. Your family "survived" Sandy as it affected you. Next time there is a tragedy, you will treat it differently. That is life. That is maturing. I love your blog....your photography, your writing, your life in NYC, and most especially, your family.Keep on writing, and write what you want to! I want to keep reading it!

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