Punky Pumpkins

Thank you for all your encouragement last week. It was just what I needed to get through this very difficult time in my life ;). The pumpkins turned out badass because of you!!! 

Be sure to read the captions. I took decorating these pumpkins sooo seriously. My favorite was when I asked, "Who knew twine could be so edgy?" hahaha I think Rob's Pinterest boards are having a bad effect on me. Have fun reading my post. I'd love to hear your favorite lines. 

I get to use the company's Canon 5d Mark II camera at work! I'm in heaven. 

Elizabeth Street is giving away a $2,000 shopping spree at Armani Junior.  Enter here.


  1. Loved all the PUNKins! you rocked this one! You succeed on making different, fun and creative pumpkins in a time when you see pumpkins everywhere...

  2. They should get you to do a post about how to dress your kid Armani Junior style for less :) I bet Ella, Owen and Oscar would be way more stylish.

  3. Oh Sharon I'm so glad to see how beautiful your project turned out. All the worries were rewarding at the end, I guess. ALl the pumpkins look so "badass". I was thrilled to find out you picked my idea. Thanks a lot for the credit. To many more successful projects! I can already see you becoming a star at your new job ;)

    1. Also I wrote a little post at my blog featuring your project:


      Let me know if it is okay to use the image with that credit and link.

      Thanks, Lisa

  4. They look great, now you have to share five awesome new ways to use the insides you carved out other than pumpkin pie!

  5. hey-glad is was a success...all failures lead to them!


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