Chinatown Revisited

i just realized i took this picture (almost exactly) the last time i was here. 
A few months ago my friend Meggie took Ella and me on an amazing tour of Chinatown (Part One and Part Two). We went again last weekend, only this time brought the rest of the family. Even my sister Jeannine joined us!

While we did a lot of the same things, Meggie introduced us to some new things like warm soy bean custard and amazing beef jerky. The best I've ever had. I know, what about my vegan week? I found myself relating to this SNL sketch when I saw the beef. Forgive me. It was so worth it. I was starving.
Malaysia Beef Jerky Inc. 95 Elizabeth Street Suite A
He didn't like the custard, but I'm glad he tried it will such gusto. 
Fong Inn Too 46 Mott St. 

More pictures of Chinatown after the jump including crabs, dead fish, dried who-knows-what, and my sister. Wow, what an odd assortment! 

Above is my sister. She's great. Miss her!! 
PS Inspired by our trip, I made a Chinatown Scavenger Hunt for Elizabeth Street. I love my job :)


  1. In the Philippines, we enjoy war soy custard with caramelized brown sugar and tapioca pearls. We call it "taho" (tah-haw).

  2. My favorite new place in Chinatown is Pell Street and all of the salons. You can get a fantastic blowout for just $15! Combine it with a bubble tea and you have cheapo mommy personal time. Seriously awesome. I went to 22 Pell street, but I get the feeling that any of the salons on that street would be just fine. Steal my idea lady, get your hairs did!

  3. Hi Sharon, I am from Malaysia (and I love your blog)! We call the beef jerky "bak gua" and soya bean pudding "tau foo far". :) I eat the soya bean pudding every Sunday as breakfast, mostly with soya bean milk. I have also seen people selling them with red bean paste, honey dew puree and other interesting condiments. :)

  4. soya bean pudding is my favorite snack, chilled and pour the sweet ginger sauce on it, yummy !! and it's easy to find here (Jakarta - Indonesia)


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