Assessing the Damage of Hurricane Sandy

really? 2 umbrellas, a hat, jacket AND rubber boots? yes. 
Luckily, we stayed warm and dry during Hurricane Sandy. My thoughts are with the people that didn't fare so well. 

I spent yesterday in the kitchen making pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, a stir fry for lunch, chicken, homemade guacamole, and baked tortilla chips for dinner. I made the mistake of telling Rob, "Ohhh, I could stay in this room all day." He rolled his eyes because it's so unlike me. It quickly turned into the catch phrase of the day. Every time he saw me in the kitchen he repeated the phrase in an exasperated voice.  It's how we'll remember Sandy.

This morning we finally got out of the house to assess the damage in Riverside Park. We gasped at a few trees that were snapped in half, but happy to see most of our part of the park was in tact. Jumping in mud puddles only felt right after being cooped up all day. 
My boots from LaCrosse. Review to come!   
PS Thank you so much for your support for Fred's Team
Since I posted my video three days ago, you all have donated a total of $1,035! 
Most of the donations came from people I've never met, 
ranging from $5 to a $250 anonymous donation. 
I am so thankful for your support.
Your notes of encouragement make me smile. 


  1. I love your jacket too! Where did you get that?

  2. Yes, I love the rain coat too! Do tell!
    Sounds like a busy and delicious day in the kitchen yesterday!

  3. thanks! I bought my rain jacket on a huge discount sale at Polarn O Pyret--i think they were discontinuing this item and wanted to rid the stores of them. Good luck I think it's actually a maternity jacket, haha. But I like it and think it works even though I'm not pregnant. It's not on their website anymore and i couldn't even find it on eBay. Maybe they have a few left in store? good luck!!

  4. honestly, you're using the hurricane to provide a review about the free boots you got? just because there wasn't any serious damage in your park, doesn't mean all of NYC was unscathed - in fact, you know as well as I do the extent of the damage in all parts of NYC. I'm surprised that NYC hasn't taught you a little thing called tact. I am very glad your family is safe, however, next time (God forbid there is a next time) you might want to wait a few days after a major natural disaster to shill your free boots.

    1. hi cassie. i have read your comment and i understand your point. while you question nyc teaching me "tact", NYC has taught me resilience. thousands of NYorkers have continued to work today selling bagels, shoes, toys ,etc in their stores and I'm doing the same. As a blogger I write about things that affect me as well as companies/products I support. It is my job and I love it.

    2. Maybe you could have should have waited a few days to post this. I felt the same as Cassie. My daughter lives in the city and was devastated to say the least...no power..etc..She is fine but devastated to say the least...

    3. beth: i'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. i know it's a long shot, but i have an extra pair of the lacrosse boots in size 10 if she wants them. i'll personally delivery them along with some cookies or whatever else she needs right now. i'm being totally serious. email me sharonbeesley@gmail.com and we can work something out :)

    4. Sharon those would fit...she is a tall gal...but I think she is okay. Actually she found a friend to bunk with! I didn't want to hurt your feelings I was just a bit taken aback...my feelings were pretty raw...even when your babies are in their 20's it is hard to see them hurting! I love NYC..and just feel so helpless! Love your blog..keep going girl!

    5. Sharon, I apologize for being a bit harsh yesterday! I appreciate your resiliancy, and appreciate your blog. I also appreciate your acknowledgement of Sandy's devastation in today's post. I, too, have family in NYC and was feeling a bit helpless yesterday, so I snapped. Thanks for everything you do, and I hope that the rest of NYC can channel your positive attitude and resilancy as they rebuild over the next few weeks.

  5. me likey these boots. i'm glad you guys are ok!

  6. The last picture with the water in the air is so cool. I'm glad you and your family are safe.

  7. That's so funny about the jacket. At Target, all the departments blend together and sometimes I see a super cute dress or shirt only to find out it's maternity! I never buy it but maybe I will next time...

  8. So happy to hear that your family is safe and that things are up and running where you are! Love the boots and the pictures!

    A huge congrats on all the donations! It's nothing short of amazing and thank you for encouraging everyone to get involved!

  9. Hello My name is Tara:) I don't have a website yet so I had to post in Anon. Wow! Women are so snappy and mean. LOL I love your boots and I love how you find joy in the little things despite all the bad things happening. It is what makes your blog special and no one really has the right to judge or point fingers at that in my humble opinion. I like your blog. Keep rockin!

  10. My only thought after reading this was, man, it must have been nice to get all three kids out and running around after being cooped up. That's life as a mom. It doesn't made you any less considerate than the next person. I love the honest and raw quality of you blog. Please don't change a thing!

  11. No-one has the right to tell you what you should or should not write about on your own blog. Unfortunately, terrible things happen every day. The world can't stop turning each and every time, and there is nothing wrong or insensitive in seeing the light in dark times. I love your blog, your photos are fantastic, and your kids are adorable. Keep it up!

  12. I too love that raincoat. Nothing even remotely like that where i'm from, New Zealand. Take care.

  13. you are just an insensitive clueless housewife

    1. You are just rude!! Get a life...

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