Pinterest: A Mockery

I knew my husband Rob a year before I thought he was funny.  Guys would come up to me and be like, "Oh! You're dating Rob? He's sooo funny!" And I would be like, "Yeah, uh I guess." I didn't get him. I dated him because he made me feel like I was on vacation. He was always up for an adventure.

Like on our first date (read the journal entry I wrote right before he picked me up. I was stoked!), at the end he took me to a place that he described as "somewhere he goes for peace and solitude".  He leads me to a grocery store and takes me to an electronic singing chicken coop. Like out of Disney's It's A Small World ride. Surrounding the chicken coop, were kid-sized stools. He sat there watching the chickens sing, dance, and lay eggs. He smiled and waved me over to join him. 

I didn't know what to make of this.  I had just met this guy three days before. Was he serious? I honestly couldn't tell. So I sat on the stool looking at the chickens and said,"I just. I just don't get it." And he responded, "You don't? This is great!" And then he took me home. I was soo creeped out! But gave him another try later that week. 

Looking back, I can't believe I didn't see the irony and humor in the situation. 

While it took me a year, I'm now a giggling idiot when Rob's around. I always tell him, I'm only sicking around for the next joke. I don't want to miss it. Lately, he's been entertaining me on Pinterest.  

Rob has a Pinterest account called Wild Nails. He only follows me. A few nights a week, he'll see what I've pinned, and make a mockery of my earnest efforts. Like, if I post a picture of Marc Ruffalo, he'll do a new board of hot guys and call it Cowboy Up.  I'll know the exact moment he's pinning because he starts cracking himself up. It's as if he's created a fictional character. One that I adore and would love to meet.

I usually wait a day to go back and see what he's added. It's not so much the pictures that make me giggle, but the captions. I'll usually text him my favorite lines. Here's some of his best work:


  1. I'm laughing out loud! Took a year? Really? I don't even know Rob and I think he's hilarious. I bet you have a lot of fun together.

  2. loved that you shared this, made for a good laugh this morning! what a guy.

  3. Your husband sounds hysterical! That he would go so out of his way to make you laugh is so sweet, too. He only follows you on Pinterest? That in itself is a great joke.

  4. Oh my Lord, he sounds awesome.

    1. That wasn't sarcastic, that is seriously awesome.

  5. When I come to visit, I have got to hear the "Can I get an AMEN!" funeral story in person. hahahaaaa

  6. Okay, I don't either of you and I have tears streaming down my face. This sounds like something my husband would get a kick out of too. Witty as all hell, he is.

  7. This is such a great post. I made my husband read it. What's up with Rob having so many followers for his bizzaro boards?

    1. haha i know. he has more than me! i guess his followers don't realize it's a joke. poor things! they genuinely love wild zany nails

  8. Guess who's going to start following him?? Everyone!!! haha love it!

  9. OMG! Your husband is a comic genius. The only flaw in this post is, you didn't call out more of his hilarious pins!!!

    Here is my favorite: http://pinterest.com/pin/57209857737640805/

    1. haha is this you ROB?! because that's your favorite pin. hahaha

  10. I love this! Good thing you stuck around Sharon! Rob is a very lucky guy!

    I have a board just for my husband, and since he doesn't use Pinterest (or FB, who did I marry?!) sometimes he comes home and asks what I pinned for him. :)

  11. I'm still waiting to meet someone who makes me laugh like that! :) Your nervous pre-date note is adorable. And his pins are laugh out loud funny.

  12. Sometimes it takes a while to distinguish a certain side of your partner's character. Hey, it is not easy at the beginning to take notes of everything (smart, cute, easy going, tall, strong hands, soft lips.....you get my point). And moreover, I think people act a little different at the beginning of a relationship than they do with friends around, so no wonder you were doubting the humor part for a year. But once you get to know they strong sides, you never go back. And the more you highlight the feature, the more they are going to evolve. Like in your case Sharon, I would never imagine Rob (not that I know him, but from your posts I picture him as a tech enemy) use Pinterest to make you laugh. It is so sweet and hilarious at the same time. The ability to adjust to your partner's lifestyle or needs is foundational for a happy marriage, I guess :)

  13. this had me cracking up. i love to laugh so i'm hoping mr. right is out there somewhere perfecting his awkward humor. :) ps. i had to start following him hahaha

  14. literally i have tears in my eyes hahaha i can't handle this

  15. Hahaha... I laughed out loud. Well, I started laughing and it turned into this awkward choke cough. :/ Anyway, once I started breathing again I made sure to start following Rob. He is hilarious!

  16. Thanks for all the nice comments.


    Sharon's Husband

  17. i'm laughing so hard! our husbands would totally be friends. my husband has a mockery pinterest account also that he created just to be funny. he started out by logging into my account and pinning stupid things as if it were me until after one or two i didn't think were funny, he gave up on mine and made his own!

    btw my husband is cousin's with ben frandsen (shayla's husband). i saw your style post about her and was dying! small world! she's a cutie. we actually moved from NY not long before you guys moved there. we miss it everyday so i love reading your blog. it makes me feel like i'm kind of still there . . .

  18. really a year? not even sure my husband knows pintrest exists let alone mocks it so perfectly! btw, love pintrest and your blog. thanks for the big LOL

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

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